The numbers shown in the above square will always be present, whatever random number is chosen. You need to memorize the order and positions of those numbers. The grey squares A to D are where you will add additional numbers to complete the magic square.

If like me you have a terrible memory, write the basic framework of the magic square using very light pencil in the corner of your notepad or flip chart. It will be visible to you but not to your audience.

To begin, ask for a random number between 25 and 100. Let's say your spectator chooses the number 37.

Subtract 21 from the number given (in this example, we get 16) and put it in position A. Then add 1 to this number and put in position B. Add 1 again for the number in position C and finally 1 again for the number at D.

In our example, we finish up with the magic square shown below:

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