Advanced Hypnosis The Handshake Induction

The basic form of the Handshake Induction is that of confusion induction. In plain words, your target expects a certain set of circumstances to happen and is confused when what occurs does not match what they expect.

This fact, combined with pacing and leading causes a rapid trance induction that can be deepened by rapid use of hypnotic language.

Here's how to do it:

Walk up to your victim confidently, make eye contact, raise your right hand towards them as if to shake hands and say:

Break the handshake pattern NOW by doing something unexpected:

• Adjust your cuff-link

• Scratch your nose

• Grab their wrist and lift up their hand

• Raise your hand up to your nose

• Do something unexpected!


As you do this, pretend to slip into a trance, just let your mind go blank and let your facial expression follow. They will follow you!

And then continue:

"Sorry , I know what you're thinking, you're out of it... we all think that when this happens. So just RELAX. Just SLEEP. It's great that you're taking time to really think harder about it. It's as if you're unconscious mind, right now, is making a trance for you to SLEEP through.

You're drifting. Relaxing. Listening. And breathing deeper ... as you go into trance ... "

To release this type of trance, you might use a script similar to the one below:

you'll awake, refreshed, relaxed and fully alert ...

one ... two beginning to feel wide awake ... three ...

wide awake and five ... wide awake ... you are wide awake mind and body have returned to normality ...

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