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How To Be An Expert Persuader in 20 Days Or Less is jam-packed with 418 meaty pages of foolproof & powerful information to automatically persuade and influence people even if you've never convinced or persuaded anyone in your entire life! Most of the content in my course are direct to the point and easy to read, because I clearly explain how my persuasion secrets work in very simple details. Simply finish one chapter a day, then practice the principles as you go about that day. (If you have a lot of spare time, you could even read or listen to more than one chapter in a day). Within 20 days, you'll be a persuasion expert with the amazing ability to rocket your business or career, win lots of friends, enhance your relationships, mesmerize the opposite sex, and persuade anyone to do what you want. His exercise with Parkinson's law and its hidden applications on how to motivate others is amazing when you apply it. His techniques on emotional participation are brilliant and can literally create cuddly pals out of fierce bullies for children. Read more...

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Highly Recommended

I've really worked on the chapters in this book and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

In addition to being effective and its great ease of use, this eBook makes worth every penny of its price.

Q What are your pet peeves about mentalism

Mentalism or mental magic or just plain magic has given me 49 years of solid enjoyment as an all-consuming love affair that has raged unabated. Speaking for myself, anything that can last that long and still be as appealing as the day I discovered it, can't be all bad.

Entertainment and Mentalism for Corporate Audiences

1 view myself as a corporate entertainer who specializes in mentalism. My main mission is to entertain people. Mentalism is my means to this end. What follows ire questions I reviewed as I developed my corporate mentalism act. The answers presented ire based on my own experiences over the past seven years. Mentalism is amazing and unexplainable. Mentalism allows audience members to share the spotlight. Mentalism is a form of entertainment thai few people have seen. Achieving all of these outcomes is hard work. Achieving these outcomes takes more than a collection of books about mentalism. 1 suspect many people reading this book already arc familiar with enough mentalism effects lo perform several mentalism shows. I strongly encourage anyone who wants to perform mentalism for corporations to acquire a basic understanding of theater, comedy, public speaking, and communications. Applying ideas and insights from these allied disciplines will make your performance of mental ism more...

On Fat Free Mentalism

Before Fat Free Mentalism After Fat Free Mentalism A mentalism show of thirty years ago might have sported such props as a large chalkboard, several tables with props, weird Mental-Epic style devices, velvet change bags, clipboards about an inch thick, a holder with test-tubes of acid, strange black-box looking notepads for Q and A, and a mentalist who may have ranged from tedious to overbearing. Lectures on ESP tests performed at Duke University, Dermo-Optical Perception, and other quasi-technical jargon might have been tossed out to an audience. Unfortunately, this style of mentalism isn't quite dead. Most magicians, and a large number of non-magician laymen (how I hate that term ) still perceive mentalism as boring and tedious -- and cluttered with props. In short, Fat-Free Mentalism. The purpose of this book is to provide you with examples of strong mentalism that requires little or no props. There is a saying -- attributed to Chet Miller I believe -- that every time a mentalist...

The Use of Cards in Mentalism

I find this a strange subject to be writing about. The use of cards in mentalism was never even questioned when I was going through my formative years. I have a Tannen's Magic Catalog in hand as I write this. It is Catalog number 10 from the year 1973. Turning to the mentalism section, I find Dr. Jaks' Supersonic Card Prediction, Supreme Control Deck, Perfected Mental Masterpiece, Vantastic, Menta-Match, X-Credible, etc. Other catalogs I remember, such as Abbott's and Hank Lee's, had the same type of line-up. Just about every fourth or fifth mentalism effect used playing cards. The Amazing Kreskin was always on TV during those days and he always did card effects. From what I had read of Dunninger, he did many, too. When I bought books about Annemann, Corinda and Koran, there were all kinds of card routines in those pages. The thought that playing cards were inappropriate for mentalism never existed How could they be when every mentalist I looked up to used them I have to mention, and...

Eight Guidelines for Performing Mentalism to Corporate Audiences

I will use the word act to describe a series of demonstrations with a common theme. My corporate mentalism act has between three and six demonstrations depending on the amount of time I'm given. (By the way, I use the word demonstration in this book the way others use Uic words effect, experiment, or routine. This book describes nine demonstrations that 1 have performed for corporate audiences.) My core beliefs about performing mentalism for corporate audiences come from over twenty yea is' experience as a fan of mentalism. as well as my own experiences as a performer. Mentalism, incorporated

Q Can both magic and mentalism be successfully combined in a performance Why

Both Magic Pictures

A All kidding aside, I think ALL mentalism is magic or at least based on similar, if not identical, methodology. As long as the performer does not insult his audience's intelligence, all's fair in psychic entertainment. Frankly, linking three finger rings together is pretty unbelievable stuff. But, I have seen innumerable performers blow an audience's collective minds with that one. I think it's on the edge, but in my opinion, the response is worth it. Naturally, I draw the line at Run Rabbit Run and the Professor's Nightmare. Think about it. How many Headline Predictions can you recall that permit the TEST CONDITIONS detailed above. The NOSTRADAMUS PREDICTION CHESTS are the epitome of PROFESSIONAL MENTALISM. Now, consider the following You'll love the superb craftsmanship and the absolutely ingenious method that enables you to perform this spectacular feat of mentalism. Believe me, there's never been anything like the NOSTRADAMUS PREDICTION CHESTS. Best of all, it's EASY TO DO Don't...

Welcome to Derren Brown Mentalism Tricks

Derren Brown Secrets

Although Derren Brown did not invent the principle for this effect, you will have seen this perform this trick with 'the twins' and also 'the lap dancers' in his TV show. It is a classic trick of mentalism any completely impromptu. You can do this at any time and I've personally freaked a lot of people out whilst doing this at clubs and parties. If you want an effect to build a reputation on - read on Basic Effect

Introduction To Mentalism With Cards

It has been argued by my friends and colleagues that there is no place for card tricks in the Thirteen Steps to Mentalism, on the grounds that playing cards are suggestive of trickery in as much that they are so commonly associated with conjuring. With this argument on my hands I have been forced to form an opinion once and for all on this troublesome question, and I have decided to make a stand and stick by my guns. The answer is the existence of Step Ten. On the other hand there is no doubt at all that playing cards can be devastatingly dangerous to the mentalist. They could be his undoing, as they could also be his making, and it all depends on what you do and how you do it. We must therefore pay a certain amount of attention to the best way in which playing cards may be used for mentalism. We need not concern ourselves too much with cards other than playing cards because, for example, a set of E.S.P. cards or Zenna cards are such that although in shape they resemble playing cards,...

Esr should the performance of mentalism omBhe performance of magic

The magician s props and illusions vs. the more conservative manner and absence of obvious props in the performance of mentalism. The major difference lies in the mindset of the respective audiences of magic and mentalism. The magician's audience knows they are about to be deceived by manual dexterity or mechanical means. It's a trick, an illusion the hand is quicker than the eye.

Q Can music be integrated into a mentalism act

It would depend in great part on the type of mentalism that's being performed. A more serious effort that involves a significant amount of cold reading would probably suffer from a musical accompaniment. However, a fast paced presentation sprinkled with light humor and spiced with a dramatic climax could benefit substantially. One of my recent performances was backed by an excellent keyboard musician who filled some potentially dead spots with delightful background music and added cute sound bytes and musical emphasis to several effects. When I was revealing a mentally selected telephone number, I asked the spectator if she could hear her party's phone ringing in her mind. The audience actually heard the sound of a phone ringing at that precise moment It got a great laugh and made the presentation even more effective. While perusing one of my World of Super Mentalism books some time ago, I came across an effect called Midas Mentalism which involved changing a silver coin to gold....

Magic Vs Mentalism

There has always been a certain rivalry between magicians and mentalists. Magicians tend to frown upon mentalism because many proponents of the art portray themselves as real and their performances are often accepted as such. They consider this to be dishonest. Mentalists, on the other hand, tend to look down upon magicians as mere tricksters who are far removed from what they do. They see what they do as child's play and not serious entertainment. Both viewpoints are entirely erroneous. It has been the author's contention for over 35 years that mentalism isn't too strong, but rather a lot of magic is not strong enough. This has been proven over the last few years by the idiosyncrasy that when a magic effect becomes too strong, it is usually moved into a different category. Metal bending is considered telekinesis rather than legerdemain. Moving an object on the table is the work of a psychic, not a magician. Even when a mentalist does an effect that is clearly a magical one, such as...


With the recent upsurge in the popularity of mentalism, a discussion of this branch of magic is most certainly in order. Mental-ism represents a remarkable type of magic that has an appeal all its own. We, as humans, instinctively assume what goes on in our heads, our innermost thoughts, is totally private and almost sacred. When that barrier is breached and someone seems to enter into that innermost region, the mystery created is of a different one entirely. Unlike a physical occurrence which affects objects we can touch or might even own, mentalism goes further, entering into the deepest regions of our mind and touches our thoughts, our decisions and even our future. This has a remarkable effect on the human psyche and is not to be taken lightly. Most mentalists start as magicians who decide to move into this field for one reason or another. Some believe it will bring greater monetary gain while others view it as a more grown-up type of magic. Whatever the reason, it is not uncommon...

To Prepare And Perform

To begin, the cards are handed to the participant to examine and shuffle. Then simply follow the procedure as detailed because it's totally automatic. All the performer has to do is to remember the ninth card from the bottom of the shuffled deck as he feigns memorizing the order the deck. The constant reference to the target card is important during the performance otherwise the audience could forget the identity of the target card. It's also important to build the suspense of the climax leading up to the revelation of the eleventh (or whatever number is used) card. Also, should four counts produce no match-ups and there are four face down cards in the row, the top card of the deck being held by the spectator will be the target card. Surprisingly, this seldom occurs in performance. But, should it occur, just act as if you knew it would end that way. This demonstration could easily be titled the second trick that fooled Einstein. If you've been in mentalism for any length of time,...

Ultraffinity Revisited

If you have Larry Becker's World of Super Mentalism, chances are you've discovered just how strong ULTRAFFINITY is. Shortly after the publication of the book, I revamped the method and improved the effect tremendously. In the revised version, the boxes are totally shown to be empty. That is, the drawer of each box is completely removed and the two parts of the box freely shown. What an improvement For those of you who have the original version, forgive me for going through the entire modus operandi but it's necessary for those who do not have it. In my estimation it is one of the most powerful effects ever created for the professional mentalist.

Relating to Performance

Magic, in fact, depends upon an ability to deftly manipulate an audience into experiencing the impossible. Correctly done, this manipulation will elevate the spectators, for wonder is a delightful thing. Often mentalists prefer to provoke awe at their powers, for mentalism is, as I have said, too often about showing off an imaginary skill rather thaji creating a moment of wonder outside of oneself. I am all for provoking awe at my imaginary powers, understand me. But I feel this can be done subtly and indirectly, and in a way that captures the imagination of the audience, rather than patronises them.

AjpproachxnQ oJFie oab[e

Some of the better thoughts on this have come from Eugene Burger, Jim Sisti and Kirk Charles among others. You can, without too much work, adapt these to the mental close-up worker. The ideal situation is for the organizers to announce (or just make known) the fact that a strolling mindreader will be circulating and to be sure to see them. This certainly makes life easier. I find that this is not always possible, though, so I have frequently had to resort to a cold approach. Those cited above have some very good lines that work out fairly well for mentalism. My personal favorite, though, actually comes from my good friend Richard Webster. It is included here with his very kind permission. He will approach a stranger (preferably a woman) and ask, Excuse me, but have you One of the truly great things about this little world of psychic entertainment is the people you meet and get to be friends with. As this is being written, I have yet to actually meet John Riggs in person. We have...

By Mark Strivings

Method - Obviously this is not brain busting mentalism, but it is very entertaining for the right audience. I've used this with daycare audiences as well as adults (with different presentations) and it plays great The source of inspiration for this is a terrific piece that my buddy Earl Keyser published in Magick magazine several years ago using balloons. What 1 liked most about Earl's presentation was the fact that there was movement involved. Here we had a mentalism presentation that was uisually interesting. I wanted to carry the concept into the close up arena and this is the result Count to three and have everyone let go. Only the chosen toy will walk away (or whatever it does) A very nice piece of light and breezy mentalism.

Vvhdi the audience sees

Putting together a professional mentalism act normally icquues ail investment. in < j few props, in my corporate act, eighty-five percent of the cost can be attributed to these three fine book tests. I suspect most of the people reading this book already own one or more oflhem. (See 'Books and Supplies for current ordering addresses. )

The Thirty Minute WalkOn

Laziness in mass-producing the necessary props, I decided to give it away to my brethren in mentalism. You may send your love-offerings to me directly. Some preparation is required, as well as proficiency in standard mentalism techniques. You will need a wallet of the signed-card-in-envelope variety. The LePaul wallet is good, but for this routine I prefer the Balducci Wallet. This is a wallet that contains a small notepad, which acts as a slide to allow you to load a card into the zippered compartment behind the pad. This wallet requires some slight modifications for our purposes.

Magic Books Authors Note

If a non-magician has found his way to this book through Her Majesty's Internet and wishes to know how I perform my mind- reading or learn more about 'mind control' techniques, he will be very disappointed, and infuriated by the fact that he had to pay such an unreasonable amount of money to be so let down. it a magician has picked this up to learn some new tricks, then again he has been misguided in his expectations, for I don't teach any here. I hope what I have to say will be of more value.

Tio Knows cJiic Pencfufum Knowsf

Method - For those who have been around mentalism, you are probably ahead of me on part of the method here. For those who know Docc well, you definitely know the modus. What's great about this presentation is that it's a combination of a variety of approaches and techniques that combines for a devastating demonstration.

By Larry Becker Mark StrtVmgs And Robert Waller

The first version of this marvelous effect (titled 'Mind Probe') was published by Larry in 1979 in his World Of Super Mentalism. Then in 1992 Larry published one of the classic books in mentalism, Stunners, In that wonderful book, Larry provided an updated handling of 'Mind Probe' which introduced some extra subtleties to the original handling. Described here, with Larry's kind permission, is the next generation of 'Mind Probe',

The Effect

You start by telling your assembled cast that you are an expert in NLP, Mind Control, a medium (see notes), or whatever else you feel is appropriate. You further explain that you are going to show them how you can influence them enough to alter their perception of reality.

Effect 1 To Prepare

The ideal box for this and many other effects possible with the unique principle employed is a white drawer-type drug box (No. 49 white slides) available from Henry Schein, Inc. 39-01, 170th Street, Flushing, New York, 11358. If memory serves me correctly, I paid approximately 10 for a gross which should last a lifetime. Incidentally, this is the same box I use to present Ultraffinity one of the effects that helped create the enthusiastic worldwide response to my first book, World of Super Mentalism, Vol I. Also needed are two rubber bands approximately 2a long


Rarely does one have an opportunity to discover something new in magic or mentalism. The following effect is similar to Psi-Stebbins but the method is totally different. In fact, it is applicable to many effects. Dynamation is one of those delightful ideas that will find many uses. An object that seemingly eliminates any possibility of cheating but is instead, the means to an end. This is one of my original, pet methods. One that I debated over for some time before deciding to include it in this tome. I can safely predict that in a matter of seconds you're going to be one happy mentalist.


This is one of my favorite conceptions, a dynamite divination of a freely selected word. At least that's the way it will appear to your audience. The props are easy to prepare but to save you time, trouble and expense they are included in part to facilitate making it up. I doubt that there are many other methods for accomplishing such a miracle of mentalism that will allow you as much freedom to concentrate on presentation. To my knowledge, this is new and totally different. So treat it with the utmost respect. Polish your presentation to perfection. An effect as powerful as this deserves the best you're capable of imparting to it.

Mental Case

There are few effects in mentalism that can generate as much publicity and impact as the headline prediction. I've done a few in my time, using a variety of methods. The one that I'm about to disclose is one of the best. The basic principle used is not new but what I've added makes the working as smooth as silk and easier than ever before. A common everyday object that literally does the work for you. Now, you can safely conclude your prediction effect with no angles to worry about. No serious sleight of hand. No faked boxes or tricky keys. It's clean, simple and a real reputation maker.

Astrodice Ii

Astro Dice was originally published in 1977. It appeared in my World of Super Mentalism, Volume I. When I began to review the material 26 years later, it was obvious that while some of the material was dated, my vastly matured thinking could easily bring it into the 21 st century with a few deft changes. I'm not sure whether or not the Aldini zodiac cards are still available, but with the revised version, a deck of playing cards is used in addition to a pair of dice. The approach I took in this version revolves around a gambling theme.

Irk gtrtvings

Annemann For The 90's (1994) Mental Melange Lecture Notes (1996) Mobile Mentalism book audiotape set (1996) The Unseen Edition (1997) To Pay The Price (1997) Constructive Mentalism (1998) Magic For Young-Un's (1998) How To Make Money With Psi Parties (1996) The Annemann Upgrades Vol. I (1996) Strivings Speaks Vol. I (1996) Strivings Speaks Vol. II (1996) WAM - Walk-Around Mentalism (1996) Strivings Speaks Again (1997) Mentalism - A Viewpoint (1997) The Mastermind Act & Cagliostro's Crystal (1997) How To Create Your Own Miracles (1997) The Desert Brainstrom Series (with the Six and One-Half, 1997), three tape set A-l All-Stars Volume III (with Juan Tamariz, Darwin Ortiz, Raphael Benatar, 1997) Mark Strivings Goes To Daycare (1998) Get More Out Of Your Magic (1998) Marketing Your Mentalism (1998) Kid Stuff - The A-B-C's All 'Bout Children (1998) Imagination Is Everything (1999) A-l Convention At The Capital Live '99 (1999)

PWO Total Prediction

Originally a rapidaddition affect by Fred Lowe and Will Dexter, Larry Becker brought it into the realm of first-class mentalism with his Sum Total. On the L& L videotape Standing Ovation, Larry revealed his stage version of Sum Total. David Harkey presented a cool close-up version with his Pocket Cache Gimmick, and now I'll offer yet another version, which combines two of my favorite mentalism secrets with the original subterfuge.

The Art of the Read

Delivering a good psychic reading is incontrovertibly the ultimate Fat-Free Mentalism. But always remember that the same elements that create great entertainment also need to be integrated into a reading humor, empathy, drama and mystery. Without these elements the reading decays into nothing more than a psychological magic trick, and the client feels that their time has been ill spent.

By Mark StbtVfNCS

Confabulation, by Alan Shaxon, is a classic in mentalism. It always elicits gasps whenever it is performed. As a direct result, many performers have found it to be a fitting closer for their programs. This variation includes an interesting departure in method as well as an extra kicker in the presentation.

OJafc Of Qontents

Powerful Talismans

What you now hold is some of what I consider to be the most practical 'close-up' mentalism around. At least, I know it works for me and those who are represented here. Over the years, I have done a wide variety of styles of performing, both in and out of magic and mentalism. I have always structured my close-up magic around a 'strolling' type of style. However, when I tried to apply the same techniques to mentalism, I immediately hit a brick wall. There simply wasn't very much out there that met my requirements. So the search was on. What you are reading reveals some of the results of that search. some mentalists would lead you to believe). You probably do some performing for (if not a great deal of it). You probably have done some of what is known as 'strolling' or 'table-hopping1 in the magic world, or would like to. And, you probably don't actually perform a whole lot of mentalism and would like to do more. Now, I know this doesn't fit all of you...

How To Be Yourself

One issue here is that I choose material that suits my character. A very common mistake made by magicians is to develop a character that suits the magic they are already performing. This has to be the wrong way around. If you enjoy mentalism, it does not mean that you must grow a goatee to stroke and wear black shirts. Nor does it mean you should adopt the mannerisms and performance style that you think suits mentalism. You must start by examining yourself and gaining knowledge of your own character, and then shaping the material and how you present it to fit you, so that there is no trace of artifice.

CWFmt AJrcat Quit

Pre Work Mentalism

Close-Up mentalism is a special situation in the world of entertainment. If you are performing in a walk-around venue, you most likely will have some time constraints to deal with. if you have a lot of people to cover you won't be able to spend more than a very few minutes with any particular group. Typically, if the organization you are working for has hired you with just enough time to cover the room once, you will have little to worry about. In this case you will probably need about 5 to 7 minutes of material at the most. You will just do the same set over and over. With typical performances this will probably mean only about three effects. Of course you will want a definite beginning, middle and strong closer to the set. A typical walk-around set of mentalism for me would be to both open and close with 'Predic-A-Date' (read the write up and you'll see what I mean by both open and close with this), followed by my close up version of 'Seven Keys To Baldpate', (from my book, Annemann...

Nites On Mentalusm

The idea of using it in the context of mind control is very powerful, but imagine the response when using it with a group of people who believe that you are either a medium or spiritualist, or using it in a s ance or voodoo routine. It has perhaps two really effective uses. It can be performed for small groups, at parties and the like, as a demonstration of your mental or psychic powers, or you could use it for an audience to demonstrate how mind control works. This is particularly good as a convincer (or confuser ) before you start any traditional routines disguised as mind control, because you can use it first to involve the audience and then explain how this simple effect was achieved. Hopefully they will then be looking for body language cues, etc, when the performance proper begins, and not the props you are really using (if indeed you do use props). I don't think that it would be very successful if used as a stand alone effect in a stage routine - it would soon become very dull...

Mental Case Bonus

To select one purse leaving one in the bowl for me. You can have a little fun at this point by encouraging the spectators to swap purses with their neighbors. And finally, asking if any of the four would like to exchange their purse for the one in the bowl. When everyone is satisfied with their choice I caution them NOT to open their purse until I show them how. I remove the last purse from the bowl with my right hand placing the bowl to one side with my left hand. The tip will be hidden behind the purse. I place the purse in my left hand between the left thumb and forefinger, I tell the spectators that on the count of three, we wIll all squeeze the corners of our purses and remove the contents. At the count of three everyone, myself included, opens their purse and removes the contents. Naturally, the four spectators take home losing 2.00 tickets and I retain the 50.00 bill. How When your purse is opened you simply insert the right thumb (and thumbtip) into the purse and extract the...

The Secret

The bold italic words in the script should be either slightly more or less stressed depending on which works best for you. They have no specific use with reference to the trick itself, they are used to bring the audience on your side by convincing them that what you are telling them is true. Once that you have performed the effect, and they feel that they have too, they will believe that mind control is a reality. The idea is to make them believe that with no practise, skill, or knowledge of the subject whatsoever, they have still been able to register some success when attempting it themselves. What you are doing in effect, is stressing to them subconsciously that they can accept and believe the entire performance that you are about to deliver - that is, you are establishing and validating for the audience, the idea that the underlying principle of mind control is a reality. It has perhaps two really effective uses. It can be performed individually or for small groups, at parties and...


In Bob Cassidy's Elements of Mentalism series, he mentions a card sleight that he learned from Howard Swartzman. The move was part of Dr. Jacob Daly's Follow the Leader routine. You can find this routine (and the sleight) in the trick Dr. Daly's Delight in Bruce Elliot's Best of Magic. Cassidy was the first person, to my knowledge, to introduce this move to mentalism. In his Elements series, he described a routine using ESP cards, and another routine using two envelopes. I was intrigued by the idea of using the Daly move in the context of a mentalism presentation. The following routine uses it in a cool fashion.

Is This Really Weerd Enough

The short document on magic and mentalism, which you are reading, covers some simple ground. Much of it is so simple many folks will be completely unaware of the power within. That is why this document is of real value to real performers. It is simple material. That alone should make this work Weerd. Amazing then that anyone in magic or mentalism wishes to publish anything, given such events and attitudes. But some performers do wish to teach via publication. Why they do, I do not know. I could ask my friends, and myself, but we rarely have an answer to this quandary. The most common answer is, We cannot help it. But that seems an urge more inward and mystical than pragmatic.

Imm for nil writihg this book

I now find myself a married man and to top it all off I have even begun work i in t hat traveling freak show I have been dreaming about for oh so long. As write this, I am currently on my way out of Las Vegas, the magical capital I I he world, feeling very ill from the extreme turbulence on an otherwise Uninteresting flight. Vegas is a town that has, in the short while I have lived ilit l'e, already deeply affected my approach to magic and mentalism. Las Vegas really is the best place in the world to see both great and terrible magic. In nut he best of the best to the worst of the worst, Vegas is the place. The one thing that the ideas presented in this book have in common is how all of the essays were formed partly because of the countless bad magic and mentalism shows I have encountered on my journeys. From live performances to certain recent TV Stars bad magic is simply bad magic. It is these bad magic mentalism shows that are the true inspiration for this book. Without having...

As I grew up in magic I went through phases

I suppose all of this seems odd coming from me, I, the supposed high-minded thinker of mentalism and magic. But we all grow up and we all reexamine our opinions and ourselves from time to time. I am not really changing my opinions. Props are symbolic and suggestive of many things, and so they hold great interest to human beings.

Kentons Killer Readings

I am well aware that one could scramble this whole thing up a bit, and add in a high low card portion, leaving the transition guess until that point. You could do a whole LOT of things with this I know that, and I hope that you do. This is simply what I am doing right now. It may not be for those readers who are purists, but I know many will pack quite a memorable punch with this routine. At the very least I hope I have inspired some of you to consider approaching Killer from a readings point of view, as well as magic and mentalism. One last comment in this regard - the routine makes a great lie-detector effect as well.

More About Impressions

Kenton is also aware that he will be correct at the end of the effect, so what does he have to lose He knows he can adjust using words such as other, another, What I mean by this is and so forth - tools we have given you elsewhere in this text. There is no reason in the world, except for your doubt, why you can't do the same type of thing in your own magic and mentalism performances. It's easy. Just speak out the ideas that cross your mind. Doubt your self-doubt and trust that you can trust your own impressions. Try it a few times, and soon you will be convinced that it really is that simple. Most mentalists are too afraid or too skeptical to ever try such a thing. That's why they can't do it. We are open to trying this in performances - that's why we can do it. So now you know the answer to the question many of you have been asking. Rex of course uses his impressions in all of his work too. Be it close-up, mentalism or training people from all over the world, Rex is never afraid to...

Perform Ance Situationsgood And

Within mentalism, performers have a certain logistical advantage in that I 123 the props used generally don't take up much space i ndeed, one performer of I my acquaintance can do a ninety-minute show out of his wallet Other than being presen Led as an act in itself, psychometry is best presented within a mentalism show of from forty-five to ninety minuLes duration (and few mentalists, doing mentalism only, can carry a show effectively for much longer than that). In such shows, I feel it is best placed in the last half of the program perhaps about the third item from closing. This is, of course, a matter of personal taste and judgment, and each performer will have to come to his or her own decision. My reasoning for the positioning mentioned is that I think the next-to-closing item should be briefer than a psychometry routine, and the closing item briefer still. I also feel that in the performer's last two items, working within the audience or having spectators on the stage should be...

Q What is your response to those who might consider your effects too magicy

As for magicians, they LOVE the kind of practical and entertaining mentalism I create. They appreciate the commercial perspective of my effects and the simplicity of method that enables them to devote more time to their presentations. I think that most of my peers in mentalism share that enthusiasm as well.

The power of cold reading

There seems to be a growing appreciation of the need for entertainment in the presentation of mentalism. Gone are the vaudevillian days of watching the entertainer awe an audience with his special powers, except perhaps for a relatively few master showmen such as Geller. Today's audiences are fed a diet of 'IV and movie, fast-action programming. To sit back and watch a slow moving plot that intrigues only the performer is definitely not HOT.

F9inmjpre anb tlje permit of ang

Mode Of course, it's only muscle reading. But the Tarot cards give this test a special flavor of the occult. If you haven't tried muscle reading, see any of the books on the subject Helstromism by Nelson, Contact Mind Reading--Expanded by Fitzkee, ''Entertaining with Contact Mind Reading by Dexter, Step Two of 13 Steps to Mentalism by Corinda or Volume 1 uf Psychic Magic by McGili.

Requirements Preparation

By using a fine point felt tipped pen, number the bills in sequence from I to 49 with numbers as small as you possibly can write them, within the numeral 1 in the lower right hand corner of the bill. One bill is left unmarked. (Author's note many years after Mentalism for Magicians was published, Germany's fine mentalist and my good friend, Ted Lesley created the first significant improvement in marked cards using transfer lettering. Obviously, the same material could be used to mark the bills used in Bucking the Odds)

CmTiinion insTincT finis tub rbility to frili

What follows is my attempt in creating a version of the classic 10 Card Poker Deal that has an overtly mental theme. I have always been attracted to the plot and had in the past noted several problems I felt existed in the performance of such a routine for the mentalist. I have attempted to overcome these problems and in the process make the whole effect fit wit h i n the context of a modern mentalism performance.

Kliptomaniac Variation

Making claims of legitimacy or disclaiming any supernatural support will do little to make or break a performance of mentalism. I think it's a matter of personal preference. However, making a disclaimer under an umbrella of humor is a double edged sword. The audience can take it any way that they wish, but no matter how they take it, you can't lose if they're busy being entertained.

Telepathy On The Cuff

In many instances a performer wants to present a two person effect of mentalism, but is prevented from doing so because of intricate codes and methods of communication requiring rehearsal. In this instance we learn of a truly simple way by which the medium (or party of the second part) is able to receive the desired information right in front of those witnessing the test. No practice is necessary on the part of the medium, and so it becomes an ideal stunt for those whose wives decline with vehemence to learn all that stuff.

Great Mystery Man Coming

(Your Name) has been interested in the mysteries of the Orient for some time, and he gets as much delight in performing them as his audience does in seeing them. Special effects in Super-Mentalism are also combined with these mysteries. (Your Name) determines in advance what spectators will think of and catches mental pictures from the minds of spectators. One of his great Super-Mental feats is to have a spectator draw a picture. (Your Name) catches the vibrations and, though he never sees the picture, he reproduces the drawing right before the audience. Some performers like to use only one act. Others like to divide the program into two or three acts. If you are doing Super-Mental work, it is well to have two acts - the first one of Magic, and the second of Mental effects. Or the program may be divided into three acts -- the first one consisting of Magic, the second of Super-Mentalism, and the third of Magic again. Super-Mentalism (Lesson 29).

How to reach this Market

During the course of the next sixteen years I did something each year that was appreciated by each and every new entertainment manager at the Fair. I approached each year fresh by asking questions as to their new and changing needs, and I provided solutions to their problems. Every year I increased my value to the Fair and my fee consequently increased substantially too. In the last couple years performing at the Fair my fee peaked at just over 3,000.00 per day for each of the seventeen days of the run. In one of those years, all I had to do was two-twenty minute mentalism shows per day. My contract was for 54,000.00. You too can build relationships over time with organizations that can reward you handsomely while you serve their needs.

Four Thought Alternative Handlings

However you choose to perform this effect, the dual reality principle is at the cutting edge of modern mentalism. It can be used to give the illusion that a performer is divining complete memories of past events the sights, sounds, smells and feelings associated with a particular experience. Once again, with a little thought and imagination, the force card technique used for 'Four Thought' can be adapted into a whole range of mind reading effects. Have fun

CieOjthirty Fivb T1311

Some may think that these ideas are over complex and that these arc examples of running when not being chased. However I really feel that these ideas are vital in the successful use of pre-show work. I have not ever before seen anything like this even discussed in the literature of mentalism and magic. I think the more we create subtle and convincing additions like these to our already existing methods such as pre-show work the better chance we stand at creating utterly compelling deceptions.

Do You Really Believe Some Last Thoughts in This Weerdness

Knowing more about possible systems and beliefs can make you more credible and often more interesting as a reader and performer. From my experience, and some of my noteworthy friends, many of these concepts lend well to the construction of truly unique presentations of mentalism and magic.

Where Are All The Gaffs

As you can see, I have not compromised the examination feature of the original Flashback. What I have done is to vastly increase the versatility of the books and provide additional features that were not possible with the original version. Incidentally, please understand that I haven't included effects such as this, that requires special apparatus, simply to tease you or whet your appetite. The effect is available, but more important, I wanted this book to be my definitive work, my legacy to all those who love mentalism as much as I do. Therefore, I've included practically all of the effects that I have created during the past ten to twelve years, regardless of whether they're the do-it-yourself variety or require specially produced apparatus.

Seeing Through the Eyes of the Audience

Try to understand what a person with no magical knowledge would make of your new trick or method. Do not assume they know things that they shouldn't know. Even if they do have a bit of magic knowledge, you can completely sidetrack that issue if you don't lead them down the path to the solution. I have to use a personal example again to make my point. It concerns mentalism, but its examination can be applied to any magic.

Barry Coopers Koncepts

KENTON'S KOMMENTS Ah what some may suggest in so few words Mr. Cooper makes some very interesting suggestions here, and I especially enjoy using Killer for Telephone Telepathy. Let's imagine you are doing close-up at a home, or mentalism at a Psi-party. Killer could then be used as a test for visualization, thought projection, vocal influence, even perhaps astral projection (Do you have a deck of playing cards in your home Take one out and hold it up into the air I'm going to let you speak to someone else now as I go into a trance )

Mental Air Mail Revealed

I've frequently found that audience members will shout out destination names or letters with a little encouragement as the end letters are revealed. This is just as Tve described with Santa Monica. (A delightful community in California where I had the chance to live for a year - almost half a lifetime ago). Rather than being distracted by this - I actually welcome it With a little finessing, this can actually play out as the audience member's own psychic contributions - which is always a gift in any performance of mentalism

The Basic Ingredients

You do not really need to memorise this list. Nevertheless, if you intend to be dabbling in mentalism for any length of time, there is nothing to lose and lots to gain by committing this list to memory, and it helps to memorise the items in the groups presented here. Now let's look at the actual routine.

Two To Grow From Kenny Butler

One of the aspects about Kenny that's so outstanding is how diabolical we have found his simple methods. Mr. Butler is one of those people who may go far too unnoticed within magic and mentalism, because he is just so brilliantly subtle. Not that Kenny would care all that much. He's exceedingly busy actually working.

Happy New Year To You

Mentalism is definitely in vogue and most magicians these days include at least one mental item in their show. Many such effects are most ingenious but fail from the practical standpoint because the working is so invoived that the magician can't devote any of his attention to presentation, or so long that the audience lose interest. This is an attempt to avoid both those pitfalls.

Tribute to Stewart James

I have long admired the very prolific Stewart James. I was also privileged to meet this fine gentleman during one of my several house guest appearances at Bob Weill's Inn Event near Niagra Falls. In Allan Slaight's monumental epic, The James File, Allan included a letter I had written to him many years ago detailing one of the many performances I have presented over the years using Stewart James' Miraskill. This ingenious card effect has long been one of magic mentalism's classic effects. My wife, April, and I had made the decision to move to Arizona from Florida in 1990. During one of our preliminary trips, we were invited to a cocktail party for Bill Bidwell, owner of the Phoenix Cardinal's NFL football team. I had no doubt that at some point during the evening I would be asked to do something magical for Mr. and Mrs. Bidwell. Before arriving I had opened a new deck of cards, removed the usual four black cards and then resealed the box and cellophane wrapper. When we arrived at the...

Apply a strip of glue between the two rip cords remove the paper strip protecting the adhesive and fold the flap closed

If you have a good background in Mentalism, this application may bring to mind the Annemann envelope published in Practical Mental Effects. This is a correspondence size envelope which has three compartments, each of which is accessed by cutting a different end or side of the envelope. You can use one of these in either side of Prettelus Tertius to end up with a choice from among six possibilities.

The Fifth Way Lost In Cyberspace by Eugene Burger

On another chat group, a questioner posed the following question on Wednesday I have a show on Friday night in three parts precognition, clairvoyance and telekinesis. Can anyone suggest a precognition effect In the dozen responses that I read, each of which suggested concrete tricks for the questioner, no one told him the truth namely, if this is his goal, he was an idiot and, further, he doesn't have a show -- though he does seem to have a dream of one No one bothered to tell him that two days are certainly not enough time to put a mentalism piece together and make it entertaining for a real audience. People were kind and wanted to help this questioner but no one addressed a fundamental issue an intelligent student of magic does not ask anonymous individuals for new material on Wednesday to be performed on Friday. And intelligent magicians don't encourage such thoughtless behavior in other magicians by suggesting tricks that they might perform.

Every Advertisers Goods are fully endorsed by this Bulletin

The reason for the above rather Biblical sounding title is due to the fact that the following effect is a combination of ideas emanating from the fertile brains of Eddie Joseph and Stewart James. I have woven them into a routine that I have used for some time now whenever an impromptu example of mentalism has been requested.

TA Waters Mind Myth and Magick

Waters is the author of Mind, Myth, and Magick, a monumental (and wonderful) 800 page book which is required reading for anyone interested in mentalism. On this video T.A. demonstrates and explains 12 routines from the book. The routines use common objects such as envelopes, playing cards, and tarot cards, and all are within the abilities of the average magician.

Marc Paul Lecture Video

New from Dynamic fx Limited is this 60 minute video featuring clever stand-up close-up magician Marc Paul. The video was shot live at a lecture Marc gave at the Hen and Chickens Theatre in London. Because this was a live shoot, the video suffers from some lighting and distance problems. Two cameras were used, however, and there was nothing which was unclear. The emphasis is on close-up and mentalism, and most of the routines use a deck of cards. Marc does a fine job performing and explaining the material.

The Breakthrough Card System

I have already explained in the discussion of the Radar Deck how I came to set out for a new stacked deck. The more I advanced in mentalism, the more I realized just how powerful a tool such a stack can be. The only ones I was aware of at the time were the Si Stebbins, the Eight Kings and the Nikola arrangements. (The John Cornelius stack was around, but it was designed for an entirely different purpose.) So, the state of affairs was such that, if you wanted to have a stacked deck that looked entirely random, it was the Nikola or nothing.

Effects for an Invisible Author

' 5,000.00 Challenge Prediction in Larry Becker's World of Super Mentalism, Book Two, pp. 263-272, which is a clever updating of an old U.F. Grant trick, The Baseball Prediction, that can be found in his compilation. Secrets. perform mentalism successfully or effectively while you try to compete with an orchestra and dancing couples at a candlelight dinner, working on tables strewn with used plates and glasses. The only thing you can be assured of after such a job is a sore throat from shouting to be heard all evening. In such cases I refuse to do table-hopping. Perhaps one can do magic from table to table, but close-up mentalism in such circumstances is next to impossible. Instead I suggest that a close-up corner be installed just outside the function room. Then, instead of having to introduce yourself at each table over the hubbub, your audience comes to you and can enjoy your show under optimum conditions.

Final Thoughts by David Berglas

When I first started in show business I was encouraged by managements and agents to claim that what I did was genuine. It was better for business. They were probably right from a commercial point of view but 1 chose to ignore them and therefore avoid the ethical trap into which many mentalists fall. A convincing performance of mentalism can encourage the belief that the performer is psychic, audiences have a natural predilection towards such things. But I did not want people coming up to me after the show and asking me to use my powers to solve their personal problems. I've never regretted my decision.

September 2001 In the Beginning

In a marketplace that is dominated by books devoted to card tricks and close-up magic, it is a refreshing change to receive a large, hardcover book devoted to mentalism. Scott Wells' company Magic Inspirations has released Peek Performances by Richard Busch, a hypnotherapist and psychic entertainer. Experienced mentalists will certainly find much to stimulate their imaginations. Also of interest to the mentalist are these two new books from H& R Magic Books. The first, Dunninger's Brain Busters 6 x 9 hardcover with glossy dustjacket, 110 pages, 39 postpaid in US details more than a dozen of the sensational stunts that Dunninger used to keep his listening audience riveted to their radios. Although author Joseph Atmore was able to obtain actual scripts for the brain busters, the methods used by Dunninger remain unknown. However, offering conjectures as to possible methods are some of the best minds in mentalism, including Max Maven, Banachek, Lee Earle, and Al Mann. Of particular...

Three Experiments With The Dowsing Pendulum

Just for the sake of completeness, I want to mention that a third (and very simple) modus operandi would be to mark the POISON card so that you can always find it, no matter how thoroughly the five cards are shuffled. Be aware that, in my personal experience, this method is the first one that laymen generally suspect. This does NOT mean that it's a BAD method per se (after all, some of the great Mentalism routines you find in your Annemann or Corinda books take advantage of the marking concept ) but only that your presentation must be structured in such a way that the idea of a marked card is immediately canceled from the minds of your participants. I want to offer you, not one of the best routines with that little gizmo but, one of my old favorites. It's the combo of two nail-writer effects that together play very, very strong First part of the effect, which we could call the lead-in, is Corinda's 7 chairs. You can find it in Corinda's 13 Steps To Mentalism book (where else could...

Inspired by the Satanic Book Test

The audience is transformed into a hilarious day time talk show The Mental Show. A spectator from the audience is selected to play co-host guest mind reader. A pseudo-Dr. Phil of mentalism. What does every talk show need Celebrity guests. Since the budgets a little low, the co-host selects 3 members from the audience to pop celebrities. The new celebs each get a name tag displaying their name and select any one of 3 chairs to sit in on stage. The celebs now are given a sealed envelope. The celebs then mix envelopes and chair positions amongst themselves. The predictions are read aloud. Under each chair is a file folder. The file folder is opened and inside is a picture of a pop-icon who is famous for saying each individual phrase. The mind reader has successfully influenced the thoughts and positions of each celeb on stage to receive the proper phrase for the picture of the celeb under their chair. Not only this, but when the name tag of each spectator is unstuck from their shirts, it...

Part One Introduction

Those who concern themselves with the study of Mentalism will find that as they progress through the many and varied channels of magic of the mind, they encounter other branches of 44 The Occult which closely relate themselves to the parent Art of Mental Magic. Mentalism in itself is a pure Art, a science of psychology, applied magic and physical experiment. However, the very nature of Mentalism is such that it lends itself to association with similar or Allied Arts. We find such things as Muscle Reading, Hypnotism, Mnemotechnics and Mediumship all find their place in association with the pure art. Mediumship is one of the Allied Arts, one which links itself very strongly with magic of the mind, and understandably so. Mediumship and Mentalism differ in kind when the first takes on a physical nature and becomes demonstrative of actual manifestation until then, existing as mediumship of the kind called mental phenomena, there is hardly any difference to be found. Practically any good...

Ci Viand aSaut Boa and Jlautine

Volume two deals with book tests and had this particular phase of mentalism been under review a year ago, we should have expressed our doubts as to whether this presentation of direct mind reading merited such a niche. The way, however, that the public in our own country has accepted with such great credulity the various book tests undertaken by the Piddington team causes us to revise our earlier opinion. Book tests, however, are merely a novel presentation of telepathy, but in that novelty are to be found some subtleties not to be applied to more straightforward presentations, i.e., a billet test. Mr. Boarde has again produced a book that will become the standard work on book tests it shows intelligence, a love of good magic and great knowledge. If magic survives (and if mentalism falls it will not) this book will read as good in a hundred years'time as it does to-day. Unreservedly recommended .

Putting Shows Together

Yes, you could become a successful children's entertainer and do nothing else. The same applies to other genres of magic such as illusions, mentalism and so on. But magic is now your business. To sit at home because you can only do close-up for example, when other performance areas are open to you, is to throw away opportunities to increase your income.

Letter From John P Hamilton

Most of the books on mentalism especially those from the U.S.A. contain at best an idea or two. If you find a complete routine that can be performed without considerable alteration, you're lucky. If you find two tricks worth performing as they stand, you've got a prize. The rest of the book is usually worth little as practical material. Patterns for Psychics'' is a book that just had to be written, in order to make complete the bibliography of mentalism. And as Annemann never got around to writing it, it could not have had a better author than Peter Warlock.

The Inside Out Perspective

If we apply this perspective to the classic effects of magic, we will find that many of them unconsciously express principles found in nature or archetypal ideas from our imagination. Recognizing the concept at the heart of an effect can add a new depth of understanding and enjoyment to the technical art of magic mentalism which give form to the concept. It can also increase our appreciation of nature, and the nature of our own collective imagination, from which arise all of the concepts which we recognize and declare to be Magic In mentalism, the organizing directing principle behind the form of an effect is always very clear. Mentalism invokes the archetypal concepts be they imaginary or real of telekinesis, precognition, or clairvoyance. And, watch Max Maven perform his 'Tossed Out Tech and you will recognize the unmistakable shape and form of telepathy. To me, this clarity of organizing concept is the most appealing aspect of this branch of our art.

Box over Regent Street

Magic Apparatus

Revelations This is another of David's favourites and was briefly though incorrectly described in Corinda's Thirteen Steps To Mentalism. It is perhaps impossible now to imagine the excitement that live radio broadcasts created before television became the dominant entertainment medium. But David recalls the tremendous buzz it generated at the time and his own personal thrill at being able to pull off such a high profile stunt in the heart of London. The broadcast was a complex one, not only from the point of view of David's performance (this is another of his unique creations devised for one show only) but in terms of the immense amount of effort and persuasion required to get permission to hang a box over Regent Street without actually telling anyone what was going to happen.

[1be1thirtt Fivii 11311

Throughout the 90s Craig Browning slowly shifted away from the world of grand illusion even though he'd work hand in hand with designer Ken Whitaker in the creation of several brand new illusions and illusion systems that would be released through Creative Illusion of Las Vegas. It was however an unfortunate car accident in 1996 that would lure Craig Browning deeper into the realms of true mentalism, his injuries preventing him from being able to work with the heavy equipment he so loved. For most of his life Craig Browning lived with a peculiar health condition that could not be readily explained away. It plagued him significantly and cost him a great deal of credibility when it came to his ability to fulfill certain obligations. It wouldn't be until the late fall of 2004 that a clever physical therapist would point doctors on the right path Craig Browning being diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis in November of that year - the mystery was finally solved What...

Life on the Wrong Side of the Brain

Side Secret Pocket

Before I left my military career behind, the Commanding Officer of the Maryland Military District announced his retirement. His staff whipped together a Bon Voyage party. The entertainment was yours truly. It was 1953 and I had just turned the corner from magic into mentalism. On the day of the party, armed with my trusty Nelson Clipboard, I visited several officers including our retiring Commanding Officer. There were four sections on the sheet of paper clipped to the board. Each section was separated by perforations. I saved the Colonel for last. When I explained what I wanted him to do, Colonel Shreve asked me to step outside while he wrote his question. After a minute or two, the Colonel called me in and handed me the clipboard. There was a funny glint in his steely eyes and a slight, twisted smile forming at the corners of his mouth. I had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. went ahead with the performance, which was very well received. When it was over, Colonel Shreve was...

QL ettex ptem CU 3iman

As you know, I have my own ideas on Mentalism mostly they are based on presentation. I believe that Mentalism is alive, real, and above all a fact. That is what I believe the mentalist should convey to his audience. Most of the performers of mental effects convey the reverse, namely, that Mentalism is dead. When I started routining my act I searched books and magazines for about 18 months for five clean cut effects. And believe me what a job I had. Of all the thousands of effects read, I found four from which to choose from. These had Direct presentation, speed and clean cut effects which to me are the first three essentials of Mentalism. I saw a performer recently put over a triple Prediction Effect. I timed him. It was 1 minutes before he got to his first reaction. That's why Mentalism is called dead and slow entertainment, if it is called the latter, which I sometimes doubt. Another error performers make is to flog a good principle to death. Annemann's 4th dimensional is to my...

TeMentalists Tableclotf

Another utility item of great potential. I always use it in my Close-up Corner and in many other circumstances where I am called on to perform mentalism for audiences of modest size. It is not, however, an item that can be employed for table-hopping. As you will see, its uses and the effects it makes possible are extremely impressive. See U.F. Grant's The Cracking Crystal (the second marketed version) and Phil Goldstein's Chaos in his Blue Book of Mentalism, pp. 27-28. Having described this holdout-pull, I might mention one other use I put it to in the genre of mentalism I employ it to steal billets in a Dunninger-style question and answer act. To the working end of the holdout I attach a small alligator clip capable of gripping roughly half a dozen billets. The billets are slips of paper three inches square, which are folded twice, once in each direction. A number of these billets are distributed in the audience for people to write brief questions on after which they are gathered in...

The Big Newspaper Prediction

This all sounds a bit complicated perhaps but it was elegantly simple for me in execution. In recent years however, Fve found all of this technology too much of a hassle and contrary to my quest for minimalism in my mentalism. I want the same impact but with much simpler method and props. Harland Tarbell game me the method I was looking for one day as I browsed through Volume 5 of his astonishing resource The Tarbell Course In Magic (Circa 1925 ). Note Ted Lesley also developed his own version which he dubbed the Teleport Envelope and it is lovingly described in his seminal work Para-Miracles.

Simplicity Mindreading Act Dr Q

Naturally, for a person to read the mind of another there must be a bond of cooperation between the two parties. In other words, the individual participating in the experiment will have to put forth as much effort in the transmitting of his thought, as the mindreader, in this case myself, will in the receiving of that thought. With this law of mentalism in mind, who is willing to volunteer to experiment with a few examples of mindreading

Tiie Magic Wand Pijblishixg Co

A Spectator signs a small card, on which the performer then makes his prediction. Performer then calls for spontaneous words, numbers, dates, celebrities, or for that matter, any items the performer wishes to deal with. These are jotted on a checking card and when the Prediction is read, by the spectator, he finds, under his signature, a 100 per cent, correct prophesy. THE MOST SIMPLE & DIRECT APPROACH TO THIS TYPE OF MENTALISM YET DEVISED

January 2000 Did We Make It

Seven of the book's eight chapters are dedicated to performers and creators who have influenced Dr. Mark. These include Maurice Fogel, Phil Goldstein, Al Koran, Robert Nelson, Stanley Jaks, and Jimmy Grippo. The effects described are standard ones (Pseudo Psychometry, Bank Night, Confabulation, Book Tests, the Koran Medallion, Key-R-Rect, Premonition, Key Bending), but Dr. Mark has developed interesting methods and evocative presentations. As with most mentalism routines, the effects place greater demands on showmanship than digital dexterity. I have two new magazines to tell you about this month. The first, Channel One, is a quarterly whose first issue appeared in September 1999. This issue features tricks from Allan Ackerman, Dean Dill, Joshua Jay, David Acer, Tom Frame, Mike Powers, Gaston Quieto, and Jay Sankey. The focus seems to be card magic, although Editor Anthony Miller writes, We are not just looking for close-up .but parlor, mentalism, psychic entertainment .whatever...

How We Spent Our Summer Vacation By Mike and

Meir Yedid has released Star Gazer, a mental effect by Anthony Lindan. The spectator is given a postcard full of photographs of famous celebrities. The spectator thinks of one of the pictured celebrities, and the magician mentalist reads his mind. This is a nicely produced prop (that is, the postcard) and the method combines two principles to achieve a very clean-looking effect. My only fear is that the spectators may wish to take another look at the postcard, which they cannot do. Meir says that in his experience this doesn't happen. Two suggestions 1. This type of trick plays strongest if it appears to be of an impromptu nature, so perhaps it is best used in an informal situation. To this end it is great if you have a friend in Southern California who can mail you the card from Hollywood. 2. A friend who does mentalism professionally suggested using the postcard as one test in a routine of tests. In this way, less attention is drawn to the postcard. In any event, this is a clever...

Any Card at Any Number by Newell Untried and Kenton

It is important here to do some sort of convincing false shuffle. Without it, the spectator being cued is likely to consider that she was just a stooge. Applying my dual reality ploy, both words and actions need to make sense. With this deck being shuffled, the spectator later is likely to think that she chose a card with a number by her own doing, and somehow, that matched the way that I shuffled the cards ahead of time. It is as if I made a prediction by controlling the cards in my hands as I shuffled. This will be viewed as consummate skill at the least, whether the spectator believes it is telekinesis or not. From this spectator's viewpoint, they are observing a very unusual effect, one that should gain more prominence in magic and mentalism. It could be argued that what this spectator sees is a better effect than what the audience at large perceives. Both are quite strong of course. The point is that the performer must appear to mix or shuffle the first deck to make the dual...

AMe fBaibaomJUvik ane Moiel

THE LIFE AND MYSTERIES OF THE CELEBRATED DR. Q (Alexander), 2nd ed. of well-known work on mental and spiritualistic feats, see Fleming Review No. 111. Cloth. 165 p.p., ill., available onlv from us ( 0.00), not 43 -, but only 35 -ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MENTALISM (Nelson) on work of the Dun-ninger type. Cloth, 108 p.p., available only from us ( 5.00),

Assertive Positive Negative

On his wonderful best-selling videotape, Video Mind, Phase Two Close-up Mentalism, Max Maven teaches a wonderful effect called Positive Negative. It is a powerful routine where you write a prediction on the back of your business card, which you then set aside in full view. The spectator chooses one of three imaginary coins, flips it in the air, and tells you what coin she chose and whether it landed heads up or tails up. You show that your prediction on the card was correct. I felt the routine had one flaw The spectator could answer in one of two ways. One way you could show the entire card and leave it with them, but the other answer dictated that you conceal part of the card and keep it yourself. I wanted to be able to show the whole card and let the spectator keep it regardless of what happened.

Fourth Maya Experiment

Time Reaction Study

This test advances yet further up the scale of psychic control as you inhibit the senses. Particularly the sense of feeling may be readily shut off' by the method of visualization, projection, and affirmation. Hold the thought of numbness over the hand of the subject and affirm repeatedly to him that his hand is becoming numb, numb, numb, and that he will feel no sensation in it at all. He will be found to experience a marked degree of local anaesthesia, and even if a needle is touched to the flesh, no sensation will be experienced. The Hindu magicians frequently demonstrate this phenomena in allowing large hat pins to be passed through their flesh, and even reclining upon a bed of nails. These are popular demonstrations of the fakirs who have mastered these mind-control-over-body skills.

The Psychic vs The Psychological Performance

Mentalism is, at its very core, an intrusive art form. If we take a simple effect that we often learn at the very outset of our appreciation for such things in which a spectator is asked to think of a number, we then proceed to reveal the number that the spectator was thinking of. The method is of no interest to this essay, but if we look at what has happened, we have essentially gone into a spectator's, or more importantly, another human being's mind (funny how we forget that spectators are people too ) and removed that thought to tell the world.

Billy The Hypnotized Balloon

EFFECT PRESENTATIONIT'ROCEDURES Begin by saying, I'd like to move right into one of the most fascinating aspects 0 mind control Hypnosis. Hypnosis is a uiPiiK , -Oi-hX'v state. Since there is always the dwnCTthut some of you in the audience might already be semi-awake, or semi-asleep, it wouldn't be fair to hypnotize any of you. Remove the open-eyed balloon from your pocket and display it Continue, Instead, I'll hypnotize an inanimate object. I'm going to hypnotize this balloon. This always

Wmd aaut ffiaat and Routined

Card Call and the Card Revealed are two excellent little mysteries in this section. Mental Magic comes next and all these effects described show the merit of real performance. It may interest readers to know in this respect that when talking to our friend Maurice Fogel regarding a current book on mentalism, Maurice suddenly said Have you read Christopher's book We said Yes, and without waiting for EDITOR'S' NOTE. Magicians to-day owe a deep debt of gratitude to Dr. Jaks for the very mp,ny excellent effects that he has given to them at various times. Last year his Supersonic Prediction was a best seller both in America and here. All his ideas are characterised by their subtlety. Dr. Jaks specialises in close-up and table work. He has recently returned from a trip to South America and in his own words eir'oyed doing mentalism on the ocean P.W.

The Magic Wand Publishing Co

A Spectator signs a small card, on which the performer then makes his prediction. Performer then calls for spontaneous words, numbers, dates, celebrities, or for that matter, any items the performer wishes to deal with. These are jotted on a checking card and whfen the Prediction is read, by the spectator, he finds, under his signature, a 100 per cent, correct prophesy. THE HOST SIMPLE & DIRECT APPROACH TO THIS TYPE OF MENTALISM YET DEVISED

Part Two Publicity Stunts

We are not going to bother too much with method now as in past Steps we have given plenty of studies that reveal the necessary technique of Mentalism, and the actual trickery. There are quite a few tricks on past pages that can be twisted from a Mental Effect to a Publicity Stunt, so all we lack is ideas and plots the raw material of publicity. The only point which has to be made is that although you may well be using a standard and very simple mental trick for your publicity stunt, you must grossly exaggerate the effcct we aim for magnificent and spectacular presentation as though our effect was being performed for the Nation instead of for one small audience.

The Art Of Cold Reading

The Art Of Cold Reading

Today I'm going to teach you a fundamental Mentalism technique known as 'cold reading'. Cold reading is a technique employed by mentalists and charlatans and by charlatan I refer to psychics, mediums, fortune tellers or anyone that claims false abilities that is used to give the illusion that the person has some form of super natural power.

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