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Overnight Millionaire System is a product crafted by Wesley Virgin. It features a series of digital resources that aims to teach people how to change their lives and mindset to earn extraordinary wealth in a short time as possible. The series includes a video selection and text guides that can set you an individual up for life, as far as wealth is concerned. The system was created after extensive research from its founder, Wesley Virgin. The system will help you in every step of your success journey. The author speaks about the secrets that can potentially help any business person succeed. He calls this product the new Bible to success. The system series contains 5 sets of overnight Mindset Hacks audio series that will help you to manifest. The secrets will instantly implant the thinking and reasoning of self-made millionaires into your brain. The product is crafted to include step-by-step hacks execution guide that delivers significant results within a few days. It is crafted to immediately raise wealth vibration in you, even while sleeping. It is a proven formula that evokes your mental and emotional power to instantly manifest. The system will provide you with a stream of income even without having capital. Continue reading...

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Highly Recommended

I started using this book straight away after buying it. This is a guide like no other; it is friendly, direct and full of proven practical tips to develop your skills.

All the testing and user reviews show that Overnight Millionaire System is definitely legit and highly recommended.

Make Money For Others

A big secret in making money is your ability to make money for others. In direct proportion to the money you make for others is the amount of money you make for yourself. In performing, as you increase the attendance to swell the box office receipts, up goes your value in dollars as a Magician. In the theatrical world certain actors are a box office attraction. They have pulling power, and when they appear the theater is crowded. In your work as a Magician I want you to study the various tricks used to draw crowds by creating the proper impressions and suggestions. Remember that the attraction which pulls in 10, 000, of course, is always worth many times more than the one which draws in only 50 and, naturally, the one that draws the crowds and brings in the money is paid BIG MONEY.

How to Make Money Performing in Schools

I'm reviewing these two books together, because they compliment each other nicely. Keith Johnson's Get Your Show on the Road focuses on how to mold the disparate elements of your repertoire into an effectively structured act. David Heflick's How to Make Money Performing in Schools tells you how take that act and sell it to the school assembly market. Both books are very thorough, and are packed with information. Neither author is a magician (Johnson is a juggler, Heflick is a musician), but the advice they impart is applicable to any area of the performing arts. The subtitle of How to Make Money Performing in Schools is A Definitive Guide to Developing, Marketing, and Presenting School Assembly Programs, and that subtitle pretty much says it all. In the first part of the book Mr. Heflick offers information on the school market, ingredients for a successful program, developing a program, marketing and promotion, paperwork, pre-show concerns, sound reinforcement, and program...

Lets explain more about this secret

The same principle applies to other businesses too. For example, someone could study intensively for years, both practically and in theory, to learn how to become a master joiner or craftsman. Their learned skill enables them to construct superb pieces of furniture, complete with every finished detail. However, is that person guaranteed to make money No Time spent studying, acquiring knowledge and skill, doesn't automatically mean the money will roll in. You have to learn THE BUSINESS

Congratulations and welcome

We are certain you won't be disappointed, as we believe the lessons herein comprise the most useful and practical 'no holds barred' instructional course on how to become a PROFESSIONAL magician with a PROFESSIONAL ATTITUDE, and make money from magic. It's the result of many years of extensive research and experience, and there is nothing else like it.

More than Money

Although this course is entitled 'How To Make Money By Magic', we acknowledge that for some readers, monetary rewards won't be their main focus. Regardless of your viewpoint on this matter however, you should be aware that there are numerous other benefits to learning magic aside from money, that you may not have considered yet.

Heres looking at you kid Creating the right impression

As you know, the main purpose of this course is for you to make money by means of magic. The best way to do this is to make sure you are operating your business in the broadest possible sales field. Admittedly, it is not always possible to appeal to everyone, but you can increase the odds in your favour.

How can I benefit the most from this book

It is up to you to take action and reach your goals. That I cannot do for you. You are receiving information, resources and tools that have been proven to create wealth for a person in your similar position. I started with nothing but a love for magic and desire to do good business and serve others. Whether your goal is to increase your business slightly or to create a multi-million dollar empire, you have everything you need right now. So, let's get started. Lesson 1 - Millionaire Business Practices (Back to Index) Be honest and don't feel bad if you don't like your answers. You can change and improve your practices over time. There are people who make money without being kind and conscientious, but they do it the hard and unpleasant way. All else being equal, they will make less money for shorter duration and ultimately will be unfulfilled on many levels. It is actually quite easy to be nice, caring and fair. If it does not come naturally to you then try harder. Do not be phony....

Fep1nently Double Its Original Size

The greatest desire of man is to make money his next desire is to make a name that will live long after he is dead. All conjurers wre have known have possessed these desires in a remarkable degree. To make money you must advertise. Therefore Magic is the best medium to conjurers who desire to make money.

The Magic Pitch ManWoman

Magic shops have evolved into online retailers and magic kiosks. This may be the natural evolution of things. One focuses on the devoted magic enthusiast, the other on the passerby who is fascinated by the strange red light coming from the salesman's thumb. Magic kiosks have found their way into shopping malls, flea markets and even amusement parks. If you're looking for a way to make money selling magic, but don't want to make the kind of financial commitment required to buy your own donkey cart and stock it with overpriced magic tricks and rent floor space, you can sell just a couple tricks off your magic table at county fairs or other special events for the price of a vendor fee.

Create Multiple Internet Revenue Streams

You can make money by providing both products and services on the Internet. The key to being successful at this is very simple. Build your own qualified, opt-in subscriber list. Subscribe to what Your electronic newsletter of course. An affiliate program is basically an arrangement for commissions to be paid to people who refer business to one another. You can make money with affiliate programs in two ways. One is to be an affiliate, and the other is to set up your own affiliate program and pay people a commission to recommend your products or services. As an owner of an affiliate program, you must provide the tools and information your affiliates need to become successful Internet marketers.

Confident Decision Making

People need to get very clear, be very open, and honest with themselves about what these words mean for them. For some people being rich means making 100,000 a year. For others it might mean making five million dollars a year. And for others, it could be something different altogether. Everyone is an individual and unique. They need to define what they want and what specifically the meaning is of the following words happiness, security, freedom, love, success, riches. After they have defined what these words mean, they will know how close they are to getting those. And in defining these words, they should think about what they will see, hear, feel, experience, think, and believe when they have those. That way one knows with absolute certainty if they are experiencing it. Are you happy You know if you have happiness defined. You will know you are successful when events around you fit the definition that you have decided upon. Confident people march to the beat of their own drummers....

Get Yourself an 0800 Number

We discovered that this simple feature alone has the ability to increase bookings by around 500 Yes, it's staggering, but the fact is, most small business owners have still not realised the power of a free-phone number. Remember, we are trying to help you make money by magic, and this is a very simple way you can increase your bookings. Think about, if you were comparing a few adverts, which would you call first - the one that was free to call, or the one that cost you to call

How to reach this Market

Fairs and festivals can be a great source of income for magicians. This applies whether you perform primarily for children or adults. I have earned several hundred thousand dollars from just one fair during the course of several years. To give you an idea, to present an illustration, of a real life scenario of how to become rich by being a magician, I will explain exactly what happened, how and why. But guess what That's not the best part. During the years as I was listening to their needs, I realized an opportunity to provide them with much of their other entertainment. My entertainment booking agency obtained contracts year after year with this client. In one year my company was granted a quarter million dollars' worth of their entertainment-programming budget. hospitality suite or as mealtime entertainment. Trade show magicians earn anywhere from 150.00 up to 15,000 per day. One mentalist friend of mine earns 1,000,000. (Yes, one million dollars, Dr. Evil) per year while serving...

Brief Technical Review

Grant's Million Dollar Trick and is not explained here. I will simply tell you the subtlety I use when I exchange the halves. I justify the unusual movement by saying 20 marks (bills together), Nothing (bills separated). This is repeated several times and the exchange is carried out then.

My Experience With Failure

Six short years after my company failed, each of the founders of the other software company each had a financial net worth of over one hundred million dollars based upon the valuation of the company. This blew me away since I was a founder of my company along with my partner. For a moment, I contemplated what might have been. That's a great way to feel regret, something I didn't want to so I immediately derailed that train of thought. Do I feel like I failed at the company No. Do I feel like I lost out on a hundred million dollars No. Did I kick myself and beat myself up over this Not a chance. Admittedly, I was frustrated yet

Crooked Carnival Games

1 Many of you may be surprised to find ear nival games being discussed in a book Hint dso deals widi nm ti million-dollar casino seams, sophisticated card and dice cheating methods, and con games. The average person doesn't think of carnival games as even constituting gambling, let alone as a potential source of crooked gambling. Fifty cents or a dollar .spent trying to knock over some cans or break a balloon with a dart seems harmless enough far removed from this serious card game or crap game 111 which a man could lose a week's pay and which professional hustlers might try to infiltrate.

Positive Intention Behind Every Behavior

Before becoming a real estate entrepreneur, I got my master's degree in computer science and worked as a software engineer for a Fortune 500 company. And all the time I was doing it, I wondered, How will doing this work serve me in being a real estate investor, public speaker and a writer Although I did not know it at the time, I've discovered that the job helped me develop advanced problem solving skills that are applicable anywhere. By working in a successful corporation, I got a close-up look at how things are done. This is useful to me in creating my own corporations. The only way I make money now is by solving problems and thankfully I got good at solving problems in my previous job. Real estate investing and engineering software are completely different yet some of the overriding skills transfer very well.

The Ethics of PUA Who Owns What

Did America make the Japanese give them credit for inventing the car No. No one cares. I look at it like this If you don't care about making money off this stuff, then why worry about people stealing your shit Why worry about recognition So you can be venerated as a guru by a bunch of lonely guys hoping to get laid What kind of celebrity is that If you do want to make money on this stuff, then make your own products so people HAVE to give you credit for using it. Otherwise, shut the fuck up.

Taking Stock was Clip Sheet

Then the Mentalist pulls a handful of paper shreds from the folder, shrugs, and says, Enron, of course, and tosses it into the trash. Going ahead, he removes copies of certificates from Pan American World Airways and United Aircraft and remarks, At one time, all of these companies were up and all were down. The million dollar question is one of timing, which is more a factor of public attitude than of value. Let's test that premise.

Police to Train As Magicians

If you would like more in depth information from John, and his complete system, go to If you really have the desire to work this type of venue, plan carefully as you would any other business venture. If you can get backers with deep pockets, or if you want to risk your own money, or if you can convince an operator to hire you, perhaps one day you too will get a 100 million dollar, 13 year contract and your own showroom. Oh, it just may help, if you also happen to be one of the finest magicians in the world, exuding with class, and have teamed up with a well-respected and brilliant manager Speaking of which Peter Reveen and I have been friends for several years now. I greatly admire him in many respects. He is a wonderful and kind man. On top of that, he is the epitome of a consummate show business professional. Not only is he one of the worlds greatest showmen to ever grace a stage, he is also responsible for pursuing and negotiating Lance Burton's 100 million dollar contract in Las...

Fake Mediums Prey On Public

From the time when the Fox sisters startled the world with their spirit rappings (1848), rogues posing as spirit mediums have mulcted millions of dollars annually from the simple minded and even from the intelligent but credulous, by using magic to prey on the most solemn and sacred emotion of the human heart, the longing to hear from a loved one beyond the grave.

Serious Investigation Made

Millions of dollars have been spent by honest, sincere but mistaken seekers of truth in chasing that elusive will-o'-the-wisp, a genuine medium. In many cases, these people were spurred in their search by reading the publications made by analytical scientific investigators of the phenomena of spiritualism. I mean the writings of those highly intellectual, keenly intelligent men of science who have for years been patiently, laboriously, accumulating a vast mass of evidence dealing with spiritualistic and supernormal phenomena without the slightest thought to material reward -- Sir Oliver Lodge, Sir William Barrett, Dr. Walter Franklin Prince, Sir Conan Doyle, and others. Without due thought and preparation, these truth seekers I speak of rushed headlong into investigation of this abstruse and perplexing subject in the hope of experiencing the phenomena of which the scientists had written. In visiting public mediums, many were sadly disillusioned and others were convinced by the...

What Kinds of Stories Do I Read to My Lover

Take your time and pick out books that you would read to your child. Usually children's books will have some kind of moral or lesson to teach. Those will be fine. If children's books aren't of interest to you, perhaps autobiographies of great people, stories from the Chicken Soup of the Soul series, or stories of miracles or people achieving success regardless of the odds they face.

Lesson 22 Synergistic Ventures

It is really not too hard to become wealthy when you have the advantage that we do as entertainers. You simply need to educate yourself, treat people fairly, and listen to the needs of your customers. The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet - The author of this site, Corey Rudl gets over 4 million visitors to his websites yearly, does 5.2 million dollars in sales online each year (yes, that is 5,200,000), and personally makes hundreds of thousands of dollars from his online businesses all from his one small office (in Vancouver ). He knows what he is talking about when it comes to starting and promoting a business on the Internet. I have learned many tips, trick and techniques to make money on the net. To learn more, go to

Liberty Head Half and US Penny

The usual working is as follows With a regular quarter concealed inside the shell, display the half and old penny, sliding them over and under each other. The last time the penny goes under, slip it between the quarter and shell and press it into position. (See How to Make Money for a more detailed description of this move.) Ask a spectator to extend his left hand, place the coins therein, close his hand around them and tell him to hold both hands behind his back, transfer one of the coins to the other hand and then extend both fists, back up, in front of him.

Merry Christmas Happy Hunakkuh Awesome Kwanzaa

Finally, I'd like to ask a big favor from all of you. As you can see, on the left of my site on the Links portion, I have a URL that will lead you to a website called Fashion For Fat Guys. Its an eBook that instructs overweight men how to dress better for their body type (lord knows I'll need to crack it open after this holliday is done). Basically, the deal is that I make money everytime a copy of that book is sold. I have had a bit of financial difficulty this past year, and it has affected my sarging, to the point where I'm not able to go out as much as I'd like.

Making The Box Office

For example, one man will want to make money another does not care so much for the money angle but is interested in the social prominence it gives him. Another will want to become a center of attraction and make himself interesting to others, rather than sit in the corner of obscurity. Some students take up magic for its educational value and for the insight that it gives them into life's variety of illusions. Many a person has told me that since studying magic, life has taken on a broader, bigger and nobler outlook. Also that they had been taught to look behind the scenes and not take everything for granted, but to study the cause behind an effect. Still another man wants magic to help in expressing himself, to be able to sell his personality better and to stand squarely on his feet and talk with clarity, interest and confidence. Among my students I have ministers of the gospel, who, through effects in magic, hope to better illustrate the teachings of the Bible and better bring the...

Advertising And Publicity

Beginners in the show business are too apt to neglect the press agent's end of the show and then wonder why they cannot make money. The biggest people in the show world have had press agents. While a performer cannot tell the public how good he is himself, as people shun those who pat themselves on the back, the press agent can extol the performer to the skies. Houdini carried a press agent, so do Thurston and many others.

CIHB3Thirty Fivi3 Tllll

Morgan & Mikala started doing magic shows throughout the Midwest, capturing the attention of numerous television and radio stations. In an astonishing display of wizardry, Morgan & Mikala shocked and amazed the public when they vanished a 20-story municipal power plant that sprawled over two city blocks Morgan stretched his creative capabilities even further when he became the youngest magician in the world to catch a live bullet between his teeth. This deadly illusion, which had killed 13 performers in the past, garnered front-page newspaper coverage for Morgan, as well as exposure on the CBS Evening News. Feeling the call of the world Mecca of magic, Morgan, Mikala and their young son, Caleb, soon called Las Vegas home. Recently, the dynamic magical duo finalized design and completed construction of their revolutionary, multi-million dollar show, which ranks as one of the largest in existence.

The One Two Three Winnipeg

A good false cut is always a welcome adjunct to include in a card trick or gambling demonstration. This one fits the bill It is an extension of Mel Stover's Winnipeg Cut which appeared on p. 93 of Million Dollar Card Secrets. A most accomplished close-up worker named Neil See showed me this beautiful variation.

Abled Winnipeg Cut May 14 1975

The first finger creates the illusion that it is the top that moves to the right. This move is a tabled version of Mel Stovers Winnipeg Cut. (See Garcias Million Dollar Card Secrets, 1972, page 93. Others may argue that another designation is more historically accurate. Argument, for example, could be made for calling it the Marnase False Cut see Kabbala, Vol. 1, No. 4, December 1971, page 32.) Using the Tabled Winnipeg Cut, you can split the bottom to the right and finish without a cut, while still apparently burying what viewers believe to be the top of the deck.

The Twenty Bank Deposits

A Texas oilman who was an amateur number theorist opened a new bank account by depositing a certain integral number of dollars, which we shall call x. His second deposit, y, also was an integral number of dollars. Thereafter each deposit was the sum of the two previous deposits. (In other words, his deposits formed a generalized Fibonacci series.) His 20th deposit was exactly a million dollars. What are the values of x and y, his first two deposits (I am indebted to Leonard A. Monzert of West Newton, Mass., for sending the problem of which this is a version.)

Magic And The Science Of Medicine

If you aim to go on the stage or if you plan to become a semi-professional magician to make money on the side, you will have to study and practice principles and fundamentals and All of you, however those who have ambitions of making money with their magic, those who want magic to bring them social popularity, and those who want magic to help them in their business can start now with Magic as your Hobby. I am sure you realize by now what a wonderful means for relaxation from your daily work you have in Magic and what a fascinating additional interest in life you gain in studying the art.

The Mike and Mac Show

I started to make money from music when I was in high school. I played cocktail piano in restaurants and bars, and I worked with a wedding reception band. My degrees are in music, and I have plied my trade in just about every commercial venue possible. First, the sublime. I didn't agree with all the stuff put forth in this book. But, please don't take that to mean that I didn't enjoy it. Just the opposite. I received great pleasure from reading it. Every one of the 11 essays got me thinking sometimes about my place in magic, sometimes about my place in society as a magician, and even about a new money-making scheme to actually use in my show. As a matter of fact, I found that what interested me most were not the points where I agreed with the authors, but the places where I disagreed with them. I mean, you may not agree with Robert Neale when he says, A real magic show is a place for us to experience the sacred, but you've gotta admit that it gets you thinking. My favorite of the...

What type of Magic Should You Learn and Perform

The point is, why do the manufacturers offer all these alternatives Because the market is there for them. They know there is a demand, and they would rather sell the customer a vehicle than let a competitor do so. Similarly with magic, you are in business to make money, therefore you should not want to turn down any job, whatever the customer wants, even if it means being a little creative in the process.

Constructing Your Shows

Remember also that in order to maintain the attention of the audience, it is highly desirable to vary the size, speed, look, and lighting during the performance. We live in the high speed world of edited television, and that is your visual competition. We also live in a world of high-tech, multi-million dollar stage shows, and that is your theatrical competition.

If you dont have this you dont have anything

I was watching a TV show with a girl and Donald Trump came on and she said to me, He is sooo hot I looked at her and said, So what is it about him that's hot She said, Well he's a billionaire for one thing and I don't know he's just hot And I thought about that. Then I asked her, So what would be more attractive to you -someone who was born into money where they inherited a fortune, or someone that was the kind of person who had the skills and abilities that actually went out there and made their billion dollars She said, The guy who had the skills of course

How to Be a Smooth Operator

Mentalist or psychic it can be deadly. In the mind of the sophisticated audience (and if you want to make money at this game, these are the audiences you should be targeting) if you come across as a bumpkin you'll be dismissed. Nobody will take you seriously. Consider this If you're portraying yourself as a person who has harnessed the various powers of the human mind, why can't you even speak English correctly How come you don't know how to approach a group and introduce yourself

Appendix A Cayman Magic

Calico Jack's was conveniently situated within 'staggering distance' of the Sunset House Resort where he was staying for the week, here on the far western end of Grand Cayman Island. Genuine and unsullied with the crass Disney-like fakery of the pseudo-tropical bars that were attached directly to the resorts, Jack's was truly a native hangout. Locals actually spent their afternoons here, as they had been doing for nearly a hundred years. Yes, Calico Jack's had been alive and partying long before the mega-resorts had exploded onto this out-of-the-way little island that had become a sort of Mecca for scuba divers and holiday seekers from around the world. That explained how the bar had acquired such a seemingly impossible prime location snuggled among the multi-million dollar strip of wealthy beachfront hotel properties. It was grandfathered in Well, your male power to act in the presence of an attractive woman flows from your ability to contain just the opposite sort of assumptions in...

Prepared Cards

There are many other methods of doctoring cards to meet the requirements of particular games, and the skill, or rather want of it, of the operator. By roughening the faces of some of the cards they will hold together, and are more easily retained while shuffling. Faro cards, used in connection with a certain form of brace box, are treated in this manner. In the construction of the various kinds of control boxes the acme of ingenuity and mechanical skill has been reached, and most extravagant prices are demanded and paid, for these innocent-appearing little silver-plated articles. Strippers may be used in Faro with little fear of detection, as the cards are never shuffled or cut by the players. A crooked box and a clever dealer can give the house a percentage that would impoverish a prince. Millions of dollars are wagered annually at Faro in this country. It is the most fascinating of layout games. However, we have reason to believe it is generally dealt on the square in gambling rooms...

Lesson 6

If you aim to go on the stage or if you plan to become a semi-professional magician to make money on the side, you will have to study and practice principles and fundamentals and moves and tricks for a while yet All of you, however those who have ambitions of making money with their magic, those who want magic to bring them social popularity, and those who want magic to help them in their business can start now with Magic as your Hobby. I am sure you realize by now what a wonderful means for relaxation from your daily work you have in Magic and what a fascinating additional interest in life you gain in studying the art.

Who is Randy Charach

I am one of many magicians that have earned over a million dollars in our craft. There are dozens more magicians like me that you and I have never heard of and probably never will. Being a millionaire magician is not as rare as one might think. I know several and they are very much like me. You may not know it by meeting them and they don't necessarily go around telling everybody that they are wealthy.

S Male Married

I see you as an adventurer, as a person to accomplish whatever you set your mind to, and you're going to experience an abundant life style. You will be a person to be able to help others and give advice to others in making money. You will be able to make your own money, and give advice to those around you on how they can make money as well. Such as financial planning or investments or the stock market. You'll live beyond your 86th or 87th year, so you have much time to accomplish whatever you want to accomplish. In your lifetime, you will be a millionaire. Never compromise your ideals.

Web Sites

The single most effective and cost-efficient way to make money as a magician is by utilizing the power of the Internet. You still apply all of the teachings in this course as your foundation of tools, systems, principles and information. You will catapult your business by using the Internet as your primary source of marketing and running your daily operation. Web designers are almost always a total waste of money and generally have limited knowledge about marketing. They can only be useful to you once you know exactly what you want. Then, and only then, you direct them as to how to design your site. They may disagree with you about the right way to do things and may even influence you to make bad choices. They do not do this intentionally. They believe that what they are telling you is good advice. From a design perspective, they are probably right. From a marketing perspective they are usually way off track. If you do not know better, you will follow their advice and join the masses...

Where To Start

You need not go into the theaters to make money with Magic. You can make thousands of dollars without ever entering the theatrical field. Even if vaudeville is your ultimate aim, get your start elsewhere. There are unlimited opportunities to entertain for a good profit. Thousands of societies, clubs, schools, churches, are constantly trying to raise money. Here is your chance to make money by making money for others. There are thousands of other organizations always on the lookout for good entertainment merely to keep up interest in their membership. Give them a good show, and they will pay you good money.


There once was a very powerful and successful hypnotist by the name of Milton Erickson. When you are through with this book you may well want to build a shrine to Erickson, because this man is going to help get you laid more than having a million dollars cash and a body like Scharwtznegger.

The Right Clients

I promised earlier to explain why I choose to go after the corporate market in my career. I am a firm believer in learning from the greats. Max Malini had a motto If you want to make money, you have to go where the money is I have found this rule to be a guiding light in my work. Rich people have money On a side note, I have met a lot of regular people who resent rich people. I can't understand this. I love rich people It's the rich people that have the money to pay me It's rich people's money that allows us regular people to live well. This is not just in magic, but in all of life. Rich people put their money in banks so that normal people like us can get loans for new houses and cars. Rich people build things that employ normal people such as carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc. Rich people go into stores and spend lots of money so that those stores can hire normal people to work and make a living. Never be so naive as to think badly about the rich. Rich people get their money...

Magic Night

One way to create a regular venue to perform is to get together with a few other magicians and create a magic night at a local restaurant or club. On a night that the restaurant is not that busy, you can offer tableside and platform magic to visiting patrons. This is done quite frequently by comedians looking to create a regular place to perform and work on new material. You can make money by either getting the restaurant to pay you, or by charging a cover at the door for the entertainment. If you charge a fee at the door, you have to make sure that everyone actually gets to see plenty of magic up close.

Kung Fu Magic

Karate and martial arts schools have both space and young people to perform for. Contact your local martial arts school and offer to do a show where you split the door. What's cool about this arrangement is that it doesn't cost them any money. They get to make money, and provide a neat extra for their students. Also, unlike school shows or other kind of events with built in audiences, a karate school is much more likely to aggressively promote your show to their students. The people running the school are the ones that will pocket the cash you split with them. It's a win-win situation (provided your doesn't suck). They'll market it to their students as a fundraiser and handle all the promotion.

Ultra Keynetic

The performer displays a small chest which is secured with a heavy brass lock. Explaining that the locked chest contains a prize that could be worth up to one million dollars, the performer invites any spectator to try his or her luck in a simple little game of chance. The chest is placed on a table in full view. The performer now displays a sheet of cardboard upon which there is a list of six colors, numbered 1 through 6. The performer states that the colors represent six colored keys, only one of which will open the lock to the Treasure Chest. The spectator is invited to eliminate five of the six colors because only one is needed to match the color of the correct key which is sealed in a small leather purse. The performer displays the purse and places it on the table next to the chest. The spectator proceeds to eliminate five of the six colors, selecting for example, the color red. The performer opens the purse and inverts it over the spectator's outstretched hands. Out falls a red...

Internet Success

Help you to sell your mail order products services by the truckload - visit my site of and look at the New Products & Videos Courses pages which will show you how I use the Internet to make money from mail order sales. Please do not underestimate the power of the Internet, used correctly it can make you a Millionaire from Merchandising and that's good as all the Bizarre talents I've detailed in this manual have Mail Order sales potential built into them


Million Dollar Consulting - Alan Weiss - If you do consulting, you will immediately give yourself a raise as soon as you finish this book. Money Talks - Alan Weiss - This book focuses on making money as a speaker. Great insight and practical useful tips you will use right away. Tested Advertising Methods - John Caples - A classics of advertising. Along with How to Make Your Advertising Make Money (a later book which is very similar), Caples lays out the principles and techniques of what it takes to get people to respond to advertising. Just the chapter on headlines alone (30 pages long ) is worth the price of the book.

Club Entertaining

Club work offers a wide and varied field for the Magician and the student of Magic. One need not go into the theatre to make money with magic when there are unlimited opportunities to entertain in club organizations all over the country. What are your entertainment requirements for this year I am available now for special magical performances of odd and peculiar mysteries that furnish an unusual style of entertainment. Can arrange a program so that you can make money thru it or furnish you a special program at a given sum. But the personal touch is usually the best to get action and secure good profitable engagements. With a bit of judgment you can help organizations make money and charge a certain percentage for so doing. At certain times an organization can pay more than others. Club work, then, is undeniably the best way for a Magician to make money on the side provided he does not want to devote all his time to the profession. And the majority of students do not.

Routine No

Place right hand in coat pocket, palm quarter and bring out shell covered half and show as one coin. Do How to Make Money. In this trick you retain the shell in right hand as you toss half into left. Produce shell (as half dollar) from behind left elbow and place it along side real half in left hand. Slip quarter into shell as you take it in right hand. Pass shell and half over each other and cause the half to suddenly change to a quarter as the half nests in the shell. Show shell covered half and quarter in right hand. Toss half and quarter into left hand and retain shell in right hand. Show real half and quarter in left hand.

Window Cards

Because of the cost of a distinctive window card, I usually advise the beginner in magic to first make money in magic with clubs, etc., then when enough money has been made to warrant outside advertising campaigns, go to a good printer and have a card made up on the order of one in Lesson 30. When this has answered its purpose, have an advertising artist design a card with a wallop. From the drawing, a cut can be made for each color and taken to the printers. Window cards are usually printed on cardboard stock substantial enough to stand up in the window. In place of cards sometimes the design is printed on paper and held in place in window by small stickers.

Viva Where

Becker discusses every aspect of cruise ship work, beginning with an examination of what is expected of the cruise ship entertainer. Also discussed in this introductory section are the various types of cruises, varying levels of cruise ship quality, how performances are scheduled, the importance of the performance rating questionnaire, and the performer's shipboard status . Chapters 2-5 cover the business part of the gig how to get booked, how much money to expect (and how to hang on to your money once you start spending a lot of time aboard ships), how to make money selling extra goodies (like magic sets and video tapes), and what to watch out for in the contract you sign. This is extremely valuable information, and to aid you in your booking negotiations Mr. Becker includes The Cruise Booking Worksheet which will aid you as you make contacts and conduct negotiations.

Irk gtrtvings

How To Make Money With Psi Parties (1996) The Annemann Upgrades Vol. I (1996) Strivings Speaks Vol. I (1996) Strivings Speaks Vol. II (1996) WAM - Walk-Around Mentalism (1996) Strivings Speaks Again (1997) Mentalism - A Viewpoint (1997) The Mastermind Act & Cagliostro's Crystal (1997) How To Create Your Own Miracles (1997) The Desert Brainstrom Series (with the Six and One-Half, 1997), three tape set A-l All-Stars Volume III (with Juan Tamariz, Darwin Ortiz, Raphael Benatar, 1997) Mark Strivings Goes To Daycare (1998) Get More Out Of Your Magic (1998) Marketing Your Mentalism (1998) Kid Stuff - The A-B-C's All 'Bout Children (1998) Imagination Is Everything (1999) A-l Convention At The Capital Live '99 (1999) The Human Soundtrack (2000) Is That A Pencil In Your Pocket, Or (2001) How To Make Money Performing For High School Kids After Dark (2002)

Magic Qa ffiouad

Maury Fogel, Billy O'Connor and ourselves sat together the other evening talking about the Greats of the past. Though retrospective thinking can be dangerous as ihe memory is likely to play false, the fact that emerged from this conversation was that Percy Selbit had undoubtedly invented, adapted or produced more worthwhile stage illusions than anyone else we could name. Just think back and realise how much he did. . . . The Elastic Lady, Sawing through a Woman, The Man without a Middle, The Human Pincushion. Walking through a Wall, The Masked Medium, The Stick Rack, The Spirit Paintings, and so on. We know that many of the bases of these effects were not the origination of Selbit, but he saw their possibilities and made them intriguing to the public. As a splendid example look how he took the principle that Jeans adapted and used in the '' Silver Hat '' and later a mediumistic effect. Selbit made from his the Million Dollar Mystery. All these were almost challenge effects, effects...

Faded Pages

Other effects that require little technical ability are Manfred Bacia's Perfect Harmony (an effective restructuring of Three in a Million from Frank Garcia's Million Dollar Card Secrets), Christoph Borer's Cutting Corners (a strange effect in which all the cards in the deck lose a corner), and Gerry's Shaker Uprising (a rising card effect uses double-stick tape in an unintuitive way). Also of note is the Light-Reft Spread Pass by Piet Forton and Wolff von Keyserlingk. (Forton, of course, is Swiss, but since he speaks German he sneaks into this book by a technicality). The Spread Pass is normally a demanding sleight, but the easy handling offered here produces a strange optical illusion that allows the performer to secretly cut the deck (which, of course, is all that a pass does). Those seeking an easy method of card control will be well advised to spend a little time learning this move.

MPI European Office

RC - As we go along, I'd like you to focus on the business aspect of your career as a mentalist. I know you must have a lot to offer my readers about presentation, staging, and performing. booked, it was just about 45,000 short of a million dollars. Gee, I still get goose bumps when I say that Randy, from reading your book Secrets of Millionaire Magician, I know you also understand this moneymaking added-value concept and you do it very well. Now, don't take this statement out of the interview for fear your readers will think you are tooting your own horn. I really mean it. And anyone who reads your book will know it's true. You provide a wealth of information for making huge profits on the pages of your book. As I've stated, it's all about adding extra value. Ideally I would love to make a million dollars doing one job. I really believe that if I stay with it for a few more years I'll do just that. RC - Am I correct in saying that you are not actively marketing yourself because you...

Marvelli Magician

Modern Playing Apparatus For Park

In 1973, Paul Osborne and Associates, Inc. was formed on 300. 00 by Paul and two partners. The firm specialized in creating and packaging costumes, puppets and magic shows for amusement parks across the country. Paul personally designed illusion shows for Six Flags. Disneyland, Cypress Gardens, Libertyland and Great Adventure, to name only a few. Paul Osborne and Associates, Inc. built fifty new illusions each year, all designed by Paul. By now this young company was billing over 1. 5 million dollars and Paul had a top secret11 drawer of, literally, hundreds of custom illusion plans, seen only by the four carpenters employed by his company.

Weird Stuff

The second reason To make money. A.J. decided which effects would be included, manufactured many of them himself, directed, edited, and starred in the companion video, and wrote and produced the companion manual. He feels that the cost-to-market ratio is in line with those sets which contain cheap plastic tricks (Ball & Vase, Cups and Balls, Sponge Bunnies, etc.), and that you would pay about 150 if you were to purchase each of the props individually. So, what do you get for your 100


I show her how completely free she was to choose any of the other balls remaining in the bag. In fact I pull out several other balls to demonstrate what she could have chosen. Then I grab the newspaper on my table which contains the most recent multi-million dollar winning numbers - the bigger the better. Occasionally I also use the Winning Number printouts from the lottery retailers that are free to pick up at the store display and cut off the disclaimer at the bottom - THIS IS NOT A WINNING TICKET. Roxanne would you please read out loud for everyone the ACTUAL winning numbers for the umpteen million dollar prize in yesterday fs Lotto 649 Wow Sylivia Too bad you didn t you didn 7 do this with me yesterday You d be up several million dollars Like everyone potentially here, you certainly have the touch and 1 d suggest you keep at it. Obviously, you could be the country fs next multi-millionaire Please give Sylvia and Roxanne a very big round of congratulations. And ladies, I can 7 give...

Being The Breeze

Magic is a symbolic bridge between emptiness and hope. It is sad that most magicians have forgotten that. It is sad because they have given up the authority to shape magic and take it to the 21st Century, leaving that power in the hands of special effect artists and movie makers, who know very little about real magic, and have ended up rendering a distorted portrait of it. These days, mystery entertainment is a multi-billionaire market that expresses itself through books, movies, T.V. shows, and all kinds of gadgets and paraphernalia a market in which magicians play no part. The magic we perceive today is magic in steroids, and therefore, a magic that has very little chance of making anything fecund. Also, there is the natural human factor of wanting to believe, and in achieving success. They do not wish to be failures or the odd ones out . . . they seek to make the magic happen.

Paul LackltY

The Million-Dollar Mind Reader is the type of effect that could get you elected as Absolute Ruler in a small to mid-size banana republic. Despite this painful disability Paul was still able to outline the basic principles of the Million-Dollar Mind Reader for this book a near-perfect, hands-off approach to mind reading that could easily be mistaken for the real thing. The Million-Dollar Mind Reader is one of those rare effects that can be repeated. The more times you do it. the more incredible it seems to your audience.


Who says you can't make money from magic I recently received a list from a book store in Columbia, SC which specializes in out-of-print and collectible books. The list contains some good books with some high prices. Wallace Lee's pamphlet Math Miracles is going for 75. The average price of the 84 books listed was over 81.

Back On The Road

That evening Little Joe was pacing up and down backstage. (I stayed backstage with him to give him some moral support). He looked a million dollars in his shiny grey suit, and his new hairstyle that Marianne had given to him. I think he just wanted to get onto the stage (I was more nervous than he was). Marianne and I then went on holiday to Las Vegas and whilst there I went to see my old friend Lance Burton where he is appearing in his own show at the Monte Carlo Hotel. It only seems five minutes since I was chatting to him in my dressing room at the Las Vegas Hilton, and he was appearing as a speciality act in the 'Folies Bergere' at the Tropicana Hotel. And now here he is in a multi-million dollar production of his own. He deserves it he is a great magician, and a genuinely nice guy. In fact I would go so far as to say that he is the best all round magician in the world today

S Male Single

I think that you have the ability to achieve whatever you want to achieve in life. I suspect that ultimately you would own your own business, because you're not going to become rich working for somebody else. It is often said that money cannot buy poverty, so that if you want to have the things in your life, the materialistic things, it's going to come through you, and you will have the ability of being innovative in order to make money. So whatever craft you are in now, whatever occupation or career goal that you are in now, if you like it, you'll do veiy well in it, and if you stay in it long enough, you would make a great deal of money.

Miracle Number Dice

Nearly EVERYBODY wants their fortune read It is true, many go in for it for just the lark of the thing. And at the same time, with their fingers crossed. Millions and millions of dollars are spent in this country every year for 'fortunes' and in quest of the very elusive and mysterious future.

Fun and games

They will take it about 1 3 of the time. If the girl is a good friend and she doesn't take the bet, say Ok. Fine Just check out this trick I learned you can use it to make money off people, then play it off like your doing her a favour by showing her this (Trust me you are). Then if she accepts the bet or you offer to show her the trick do this Say Ready Watch this Then move in like you are going to kiss her on the lips. Ok this is fucking important. When you reach the point of no return you absolutely MUST lay the smoothest and I mean the smoothest smack on her she has ever experienced. Then say God Damn you're a good kisser I guess I owe you a buck If your kiss is smooth enough this will most definitely lead to more kissing and maybe even a child if your a real

Pricing Your Magic

As I write this, it is 1996, and 1 make 25 per hour performing restaurant magic. I work two hours per night, and 1 average an additional 25 per hour in lips. So in two hours of performing I make about 100. I've talked with restaurant magicians all over the country, and they all make between 20 and 75 per hour, so if you begin performing in a restaurant you can expect to make money in that ballpark.

Prosperity Pursuit

Prosperity Pursuit

Those who truly want to attain a financially free mindset, have only to set their minds on it, and acquire the proper means, as they do in relation to any other aim which they want to achieve, and it can be easily done.

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