The Pattern

1. Develop a full representation of the cue picture (or sound, sensation, word). Che cue representation "triggers" the person into feeling stuck or unresoureeful, or into problematic behavior. "What do you see, hear, feel just before you engage in unwanted behaviors?" Make the cue picture an associated image.

2. Develop a fully represented desired self image. Develop a representation of a desired self that no longer has Ihese problems. Put into this image all of the qualities and attributes (not behaviors) that you believe necessary to the desired outcome. Make this picture dissociated.

3. Check for objections and see that all parts want the desired self. Quiet yourself and go inside and ask, "Does any part of me object to this new image of myself?"

4. Link the two representations. We now want to create a linkage between the representations so that the cue always leads to the resourceful picture. In building this mechanism, we will use the person's driving modalities. Start with a cue picture big and bright, in front of the person and construct a small dark future self in the corner or in the middle of this picture. Alw-ays start with the cue image and then add the future self image.

5. Swish. As the cue image gets smaller and darker, have the future self image grow bigger and brighter until it fills the whole screen. Do this very, very quickly, in just a couple of seconds. Do it as fast as it takes to say, "Swwiissshhhhh." After this, ┬┐isk the person to clear "the screen."

6. Repeat this swish five or six times, allowing your brain to go quicker and quicker with each swish.

7. Test. Ask the person to think about the cue image (or behavioral ly test by creating the external cue for the person!).

8. Future pace. Distance/Color Swish

1. Establish the cue image. And as before, make sure you have it close, full and associated.

2. Create and establish a future self image.

3. Ecology check.

4. Link the pictures. Have the cue image close and full of color. Have the self image far away and black and white.

5. Swish: Move the cue image out while the ideal self image comes in closer and full of color. Ask the person to hold this image for a few seconds.

6. Repeat five or six times.

#25 The Circle Of Excellence Pattern

Concept. This pattern provides a marvelous resource for becoming more centered and balanced as a human being. We have also found it especially useful in encouraging performance excellence or any task expressing mastery.

The thoughts-and-feelings that we hold as we move through the world affect tremendously whether we operate from a "center of strength" or from a vacuum of weakness. By building and anchoring a state of excellence, we can operate from our best. Using the subconscious mind, this strategy anchors desirable patterns of behavior into the physiology which we can then use in all aspects of our lives.

Courage and Confidence

Courage and Confidence

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