The Pattern

1. Identify the over-used pattern. Identify any pattern or cluster of negative responses that happens over and over, (i.e. remarrying alcoholics, repeating a particular self-defeating behavior, etc.)

2. Identify supporting limiting beliefs that keep the pattern operating. Identify the limiting beliefs which you have developed that contribute to or support this pattern. Believing in persevering without considering the context, the particular situation, ongoing feedback, etc., can operate as such a limiting belief.

3. Identify an experience of similar structure. Select a negative experience that exemplifies this response.

4. Worst-case scenario comparison. Compare the negative experiences to something worse that could have happened, but which did not. We may feel thankful that what occurred was only that bad and that "something worse" did not happen!

5. Explore positive side-effects. Identify how the negative experience actually caused, or contributed, something positive at some later point in time. Perhaps some of the most useful things in your life would never have happened without these seemingly negative events.

6. Find the positive intentions behind the negative events. Identify the positive intention behind the negative event. Also become aware of the positive intentions of any other people involved.

7. Find positive meanings to negative events. An event that may mean something negative on one level may mean something positive on another level. The fact that we experienced a problem on one level may mean that we have solved it on another level.

8. Re-edit. Go back to before all the negative events happened and relive them using the positive insights you now possess.

9. Go to the place you keep information, insights, etc. Mark these new "learnings" so that you can find and use them again.

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