The Pattern

1. Induce a relaxation state. Use any process that enables you or another to relax fully and completely.

2. Imagine a sage. Then allow yourself to imagine a wise person silting in a chair or floating in the air before you. See this wise person smiling graciously, looking at you with love and acceptance.

"And this wise person has much wisdom to share because as you can see, he/she radiates that wisdom in his/her demeanor with dignity, joy, good health..."

3. Initiate a dialogue with the sage.

"This sage has come to work with you as ¿in advisor in your decision-making. So, allowing yourself to feel accepted and understood, you can begin to ask questions of this inner sage-questions that you feel as important...and wonder, really wonder, what insights might come to mind as you do..."

4. Identify with the sage. As you look and interact and talk ¿ind think out loud in the presence of this wisdom, you can begin to feel yourself more and more attracted to this wisdom, knowing that, as you do, the wisdom there will flow easily and grace-fully into you... . And, as it flows into you, you also can flow into it. Because, as you imagine floating in wisdom itself and connecting with wisdom, you can experience more and more of it."

5. Appreciate and integrate. " Thank this sage wisdom for your expanded perspective and a more resourceful state, and ask that wisdom to live more and more intuitively in you every day..."


With these patterns we can empower ourselves (and others) to truly re-invent ourselves. Our constructed mental map (or ideas) of our "self" (i.e., our "identity") arises from how we have used our experiences to map out unde^indings of ourselves. Many people suffer from a poorly mapped-out "self" concept. Others have accepted toxic definitions that lock them into a world of pain.

"Personality," as a meta-level construct, exists as a piece of subjectivity with much plasticity that we can alter and recreate so that... we align our differing values and beliefs, so that... we can balance our multiple perspectives, so that... we can transform from higher level unde^mdings so that... we create a "self" that motivates and encourages.

Chapter 6

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