The Pattern

1. Identify resources. Identify a feeling you would like to get from yourself instead of looking to others or to activities, such as support, understanding, love, etc.

2. Identify a person to model. Think of someone (or pretend you know someone) whom you can "always count on." As you do, make a picture of this person with this resource. Notice the location where you see him or her. What size of a picture do you make of them? Notice the size and shape as well as any other submodality factor that drives this representation of trustworthy, stable, solid, etc.

3. Receive the model's resources. Imagine seeing this model person giving you all of the resources for self-efficacy and confidence. Vividly imagine getting the emotional resources you want for yourself. Enjoy receiving them.

4. Map over to your own self representation. Now take (or create) your own self image and put it in the same location as your model. Make your picture the same as the picture of "the person you can count on" in ¿ill of the ways that make a difference to you. Become that ideal self loving and supporting you.

5. Move this other you in even closer. Increase the feelings of comfort, support, and connectedness coming from your ideal self. Enjoy the feeling of counting on yourself as you imagine having become that ideal self loving you. Feel the love you can have toward yourself. Enjoy this feeling of loving you.

6. Reorient and test. Now, move back into yourself ¿md take this loving person into yourself. Notice what a difference it makes having this support. You now have an internal self that you can always count on.

Confident Creatures

Confident Creatures

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