The Parts Negotiation Pattern

Concept. When one "part" or facet of a person enters into a conflict-causing relationship with another part in such a way that it initiates self-interrupting and self-sabotaging processes, we create an internal "fight" between these two parts. Frequently, people will live for years or even a lifetime with such internal conflict raging within. This, of course, wastes tremendous amounts of psychic energy, sabotages effectiveness, and creates incongruence

The pattern of "parts negotiation" provides the technology to change that. With it we can put a stop to the conflict between the parts and negotiate a peace settlement. With this approach, we view each "part" as having a valid purpose and function, one that simply gets in the way of, and interferes with, the other part. Accepting this, we then simply construct a way so that both parts can sequence their activities and create a win/win solution for both.

The process involves first finding and accessing each part, discovering their purpose, role, and positive intention, finding out how they interrupt each other, and inviting each of them to sequence their activities so that they don't interrupt the other.

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