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Concept. Sometimes our "self" image results from having adopted the same view of ourselves which we believe our parents held about us. If we believe a parent labeled us as "stupid," we often keep that belief as part of our self image. This pattern helps to identify these dysfunctiomil introjects and to shift them into a resource. It operates from the pre-supposition that all behavior, physical and emotional, has a positive intention. When we can identify this intention, we c¿m use it to change our beliefs.

So when, as an adult, we have not "made peace" with our parents, but continue to expend a lot of mental-emotional energy on their hurtful parenting, or blame our parents, or excuse ourselves based on our childhood experiences, we need to "get over it," and get on with life. This pattern will allow us to amplify and integrate the positive qualities that we can receive from our parents and "finish the business" that may have caused us to get stuck in our development. Source: adapted from Robert McDonald.

The Pattern

1. Identify a conflict with your parents. Identify an area of conflict or negative feelings associated with your parents that you would like to resolve.

2. Gel "mother" representations. Think about your mother and notice where in your mind and/or body you hold negative feelings, images, or sounds. Kow do you represent her? Where? What other submodality qualities?

3. Intensify your "mother" representations. Intensify the feelings, images, sounds even more and allow them to stream from their location in your body into the open palm of your left hand. Let the feelings, images and sounds flow into your left hand until you have all of them represented there.

4. Solidify into a visual shape. Now allow the feelings, sounds, images to take a visual shape. Ask the feelings and sounds to come together into a shape you can see.

5. Break state. Look at the ceiling, tie your shoe—or do anything that enables you to break state.

6. Repeat with your "Father" representations. Think about your father and notice the feelings, sounds and images associated with him. Where do you feel him in your body? Intensify these feelings, sounds and images even more and allow the feelings, images and sounds to stream from their location in your body into the open palm of your right hand. Let the feelings flow into your right hand until you have all of these representations there. Allow these elements to become a visual shape. If you could mold all these elements into a shape, what would it be? Afterwards, break state again.

7. Probe for the positive intention. Ask your mother, "What did you try to do for me that you evaluated as positive?" Repeat the question until this part of you (your internalized mother) identifies a meta-outcome that you find positive and valuable. She may have sought to protect you from disappointment or to equip you to handle the world's hurt, etc. Repeat by probing the positive intention of your father. Ask your father, "What did you try to do for me that you evaluated as positive and valuable?"

8. Thank and validate these parts. Thank both your "mother" and "father" internalized parts for their concern for you.

9. Let these parts appreciate each other. Allow both your "mother" and "father" representations to appreciate each others' intentions and positive purposes.

10. Combine into a single part. When both parent representations accept the other's positive intentions, explain that they can now combine to create an even more powerful positive intention. Ask them if they would feel willing to become more influential by combining their wishes for you into one positive force. Then, slowly bring both hands together and watch and feel the two parents mix, mingle and merge together. Pause... . Give the person some time for integration if working with someone else. Then ask them to open their hands to discover a new image which represents a full integration and synthesis of these parts. 1 he positive intentions of both parents now combine into one powerful resource.

11. Store inside. "Now where would you want to store this integrated image inside you so that it can become an integral part of you? In your heart? Beneath it? In your lungs? Let it come in, and you can touch that spot to anchor these new resourceful feelings, now

"And while you hold this anchor, let the feelings you have, as you bring this integrated image into yourself, take you all the way into your past, to just before you came into this world, at birth. Imagine yourself fully and completely in your mother's womb feeling all these positive feelings. Now with these resources deeply within your body and cellular structure, rapidly grow up through all the years of your life to this present moment.

12. Future pace. Keeping the anchor, step into the future and image what your life will become from now on as you walk into the future with these integrated resources totally within you.

#30 The Loving Yourself Pattern

Concept. Not infrequently, we speak and behave in a way that doesn't demonstrate healthy self-love, but self-contempt. This pattern works very effectively for building a more complete identity. By increasing a sense of worthiness, the self becomes more integrated. Then other abilities such as self-appreciation become possible. Designed to use for ego strengthening and self-esteem enhancement. Source: Suzi Smith and Tim Hallbom.

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