The Grief Resolution Pattern

Concept. Sometimes when we lose someone or something very special to us, we get caught up in excessive and unnecessary grieving. Then we continue to grieve the loss of a loved one, a job, a childhood, etc., and feel sad, depressed, or hopeless, and become unable to get on with life. Perhaps we simply lack a good strategy for bringing closure to the loss, using it for growth, and moving on.

The fact that people in other cultures can experience grief or loss in very different ways from our cultural style suggests that human subjectivity has a wide range of choices. In some cultures, loss triggers people to give up, rage, seek revenge, commit suicide, etc., whilst in others it enables people to celebrate and even rejoice— giving loss the meaning of "a transition to another life."

This illustrates the plasticity of meaning. It underscores that loss does not necessitate a prescribed form of grieving. Our subjective experience is always derived from how we represent the loss and the meanings we attribute to it. Again, the map in our heads about the territory of loss suggests that there exist multiple maps (hence reactions) that we can experience. What strategy map do we want to choose as we navigate life?

(irief also involves not only an external loss, but also internal losses—a loss of meaning, values, expectations, etc. Experiences of grief arise not only from our loss, but much more from how we perceive the loss. Our meaning determines the experience—and our representational sequence of VAK responses controls the meaning. Resolving grief involves re-establishing connections and values in order to recover. Source: Andreas and Andreas

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