The Change Personal History Pattern

Concept. The "past" only exists "in our mind." Externally, in the world "out there," it no longer exists. It has passed. But we keep it inside us (in our mind and body) and call that "past" our "memory." And yet our memories continually change. With every new understanding, development, learning, and experience we keep revising and updating our past memories. Since our memory only exists as a construction, Richard Bandler has noted that, "It is never too late to have a happy childhood."

Now what we remember, why we remember, and how we use our memories involve our personal response-ability. To carry around "accurate," but hurtful and traumatized memories just because "that's what really happened," only empowers those events. By doing so, we keep cuing our mind-body system to "live in the past" and to keep re-accessing negative emotional states. When we do this, we create ongoing hurt and disempowerment. Not a wise way to run our own brain. Now we can use this pattern to change our personal histories!

This pattern offers a way to recode the "past" in such a way that it no longer serves as a reference for destructive feelings or for defining self in negative ways. It recodes memories as resources and learnings, and becomes an enhancing orientation for moving into the future with a positive attitude. The process finds a problem memory, traces it to its source, re frames it with resources and then brings that resource state up to the present and into the future.

Self Help Affirmations

Self Help Affirmations

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