Crovn House Publishing The Users Manual For The Brain

The Complete Manual For Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Practitioner Certification Bob G. Bodenhamer, D.Min. & L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.

Available for the very first time in bound-book format, this is the most comprehensive manual to date covering the NLP Practitioner course. A fully revised and updated edition, it contains the very latest developments in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, particularly with regard to the Meta-states model and the Mela-model of language. For all those embarking on Practitioner training or wishing to study to Practitioner level at home, this book is your essential companion. Written and designed by two of the most important theorists in NLP today. The User's Manual tor Vie Brain covers every aspect of the Practitioner programme, including the very latest insights. Vie User's Manual For The Brain:

• fully explains the NLP model and techniques

• systematically examines the NLP Language Model and the NLP Neurology Model

• provides an introduction to Advanced NLP.

thoroughly structured and expertly organized. Vie User's Manual For The Brain is written in an inviting manner, punctuated by key points, and packed with useful illustrations and diagrams that make NT P highly accessible. Providing a wealth of exercises and techniques, this guide simply presents the reader with an excellent opportunity to get the most out of NIP.

Bob G. Bodenhamer, D.Min. is a highly regarded trainer and innovative theorist in the field of NLP. As a teacher at Gaston College, North Carolina he provides certified NLP training for Practitioners and Master Practitioners, and is also a therapy consultant. Bob now serves as the pastor of a mission church, and also runs his own private therapy practice. He has co-authored six books with L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.

L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. has authored many gTound-breaking works on neuro-linguistics, communication, emotions and motivation. One of the foremost authors on the NLP scene, he is dedicated to taking its techniques into new and exciting realms of therapy and personal development. Michael currently works as a psychotherapist and trainer in Grand Junction, Colorado.



ISBN: 1899836322

Hypnosis Plain and Simple

Hypnosis Plain and Simple

These techniques will work for stage hypnosis or hypnotherapy, however, they are taught here for information purposes only. After reading this book you will have the knowledge and ability necessary to hypnotise people, but please do not practice hypnosis without first undergoing more intensive study.

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