While textbooks now classify NLP as falling within the Cognitive-Behavioral school, it is also now seen as encompassing several other fields:

• family systems (Virginia Satir)

• existential humanistic psychology (Perls, Rogers)

• transpersonal psychology (Assagioli, Maslow)

• the neuro-sciences

• linguistics (Chomsky)

• General Semantics (Korzybski)

NLP itself began, not as a school or even within a school, but as a meta-school as it created models of various therapies and processes. From the beginning, it sought to apply modeling principles to how things work.

We have identified ten Mcta-patterns that enable us to run the

Patterns of Transformation that follow.


1. Wei l-Formed Outcomes

2. Pacing or Matching

3. Calibration

4. Ecology Checking

5. Response Flexibility

6. State Elicitation

7. State Induction

8. State Interruption

9. Anchoring

10. Accessing Positive Intention

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