By Larry Becker Mark StrtVmgs And Robert Waller

The first version of this marvelous effect (titled 'Mind Probe') was published by Larry in 1979 in his "World Of Super Mentalism". Then in 1992 Larry published one of the classic books in mentalism, "Stunners", In that wonderful book, Larry provided an updated handling of 'Mind Probe' which introduced some extra subtleties to the original handling. Described here, with Larry's kind permission, is the next generation of 'Mind Probe',

Effect - The effect is completely identical to the original. In this case a stack of bills is produced from a money clip. They are moved one at a time from the top of the packet to the bottom until the spectator calls stop. The spectator can then select any one of the digits in the serial number of that bill. The performer can then cleanly show that he predicted ahead of time which number would be thought of!

Method - This makes use of a very clean multiple-out and is simply an amplification of Larry's original method and handling.

You will need to acquire some currency that has some very specific requirements. Starting today, look at every bill that comes into your possession. You will need several that are in fairly new condition and have only four digits in the serial number, two of those digits being a 6 and a 9. The other digits can be anything. For example I have one in front of me now that reads A68966368D. There are only four digits present there: 6, 9, 8, and 3.

If you get into the habit of checking every bill that comes into your possession, you will soon have a small collection. I constantly keep an eye out for new bills to replace any that become old or worn looking. Ultimately you will need about 8-10 of these bills. You will also require another batch of 8-10 matching (in wear and quality) bills. With these bills the serial number can be completely random.

Prepare each of the 'four digit' bills as follows. For the moment, disregard any 6's and 9's in the serial number. Choose the lowest number of the remaining digits (in the example above it would a 3). Draw a circle around the three in the serial number located in the lower left side of the face of the bill. Now turn over the bill and type or print neatly in the top margin, "1 predict that you will mentally choose the eight", 8 being the next highest digit in the serial number of our sample bill. Do this with each bill as dictated by the individual digits, always circling the lowest digit and typing the next highest on the back.

Now alternate each of these bills with the regular bills you have also acquired in a stack. Have a regular bill on the face of the stack, followed by a prepared bill and alternate from there. Be sure there are an equal number of prepared bills and regular bills.

You will also need a money clip. Any clip should work fine as long as it has a single free surface that can easily be concealed in normal handling. Take this clip to your jeweler and have them engrave the number '9' on this surface as large as is possible. When the 9 is turned upside down it will look like a '6'. This is part of the secret to this wonderful effect. Fold your stack of bills with the face of the bills facing out and place into the money clip. You are ready to go.

Produce the clip with the bills and remove them. Place the clip aside without flashing the engraved 6/9. Open the stack of bills with the face of the bills showing. One of the regular bills will be on top. You could even do a casual fan of the bills, being careful not to flash the circled digits.

Explain that you will 'deal' bills singly from the top of the stack to the bottom and they can say stop anytime they wish. To preclude any influence of the appearance of any bill, explain that you want them to stare into your eyes as you do this. This will prevent them from seeing any of the markings on the bills.

Hold the bills with the circled digits nearest your body in basic dealing position. Your right thumb can cover the serial number as the bills are dealt. Deal the bills until they say stop. A quick glance will tell you whether they have left you with a prepared bill on top or on the bottom. Either way, remove the appropriate bill and hold it with your thumb covering the inner serial number.

Lever this bill face on to the spectator (don't flash!) covering the circled digit with your right fingers. Indicate the upper right serial number (from the spectator's perspective) and have them name any one of the digits they want. If they name the lowest digit simply reveal the circled prediction on the lower left side. If they name the higher num ber, rotate the bill around (being careful not to flash the circled digit) and reveal the prediction on the back.

If they name either 6 or 9, simply turn over the money clip (oriented correctly, of course!) and reveal the ENGRAVED prediction. Regardless of what they pick, you have a very clean prediction!

This variation came out of my desire to do the effect with a money clip since I don't carry a wallet. The engraved prediction was my idea. Robert Waller suggested the use of the reversible 6/9 idea for an extra out. Many thanks to Larry for his very kind permission to include this wonderful effect. And lastly I'd like to thank the Academy


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