Method 1

(non gaffed 80% accurate, with practice)

Well, to do this trick all you have to do is watch very closely to the subjects body language & unconscious signals for e.g. some people look at the hand it is in when they bring it out. But you mainly have to watch their face for

• Slight licks of the lips (on the side of the hidden coin)

• Nose direction and every little detail like that.

• Sometimes people even look at the hand the coin is in when taking them from behind their back.

WARNING: when performing this effect some people might try and catch you out, so you have to be able to tell when It is a trick to try and catch you out or if it is really what you are looking for.

it is easy to tell if they are faking a twitch because real twitches are like a pulse but fake twitches take longer to execute.

Be careful.


Method 2

Apparently Derren brown uses a magnetic coin and a "watch" (the watch is really a compass) and he places his hands on the spectators wrists and if the compass moves then that is the one with the coin in if not then it is in it is in the other hand! clever or what????


Body Language

Body Language

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