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This one again seems easy is quite hard, if you have listened to the radio interview with Derren and whiley then you may have or may not have noticed that when he first greets the lady on the phone he asks "is it liana or lianDa" he said that she was going to read his mind and that he was going to pick a letter of the alphabet, Derren picks D and which letter does she pick. D yes she picks D because he emphasised D when he said lianDa. So this sublimely tells her to pick D also he said, " I will not choose the letter L because it is the first letter of your name" (which again sublimely tells her that it is going to be another letter of her name. All this sublimely tells her to pick D).

He also did this on his television series but the girls name was Isabel and a little after asking her what her name was he said "sorry did you say Issssabel" (slightly stressing the letter S)

also he says (when he's written it down) ill put that there like that S yep (places the piece of paper down on the subjects palm) ok if you try and guessss what it is you'll get it wrong so dont try and guesss equally if you think that i can rely on you going for a particular letter dont go for that one, if you think that im trying to suggest a letter to you then dont go for that one, just go for one that pops in to your head now what is it?

Another way Derren does this like on the television series is to say this (you are trying to make the subject choose M)

I am going to try something with you if it doesn't work that fine but if it does it'll be pretty amazing ok. I am going to write down a letter of the alphabet ok. mmmmmmmmmM (write the letter M down and put a line underneath it to show which side up it should be, on a piece of paper, don't let the subject see it) right ill put that there (put paper on the subjects palm, face down) I've also put a line underneath it to show which way up it should be (this narrows the choice of letters down). So what you going to do is to tell me what that letter is, don't try and guess what it is because you'll probably get it wrong, so just think of a letter of the alphabet, mmmmMMMM. Alright have you got one (wait for yes) right stick with that one ok, don't change your mind just stick with that one ok, right what was the letter you thought of (wait for answer) are you ready. (Turn the piece of paper over)."

A good thing to do is to do it with a group of people because then well... you have even less chance of getting it wrong.

just play around with letters and see what you come up with. SAXON RIX

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Understanding Mind Control

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