Think Of 2 Simple Shapes

This effect is easy to do and it uses those subconscious signals again. To do this all you have to do is say:

"Think of 2 simple geometric shapes, simple like a square and a rectangle but don't think of those think of you own. Put one inside the other (while saying this put one hand in a circle shape and the other on the outside of that out flat but on a slant, like the picture) and when you've got that visualise them clearly in your mind."

Then all you have to do is tell them that you think they thought of the triangle and the circle.

Any way you see fit.

Why the triangle and circle?

Well, there are 2 reasons why the answer is the triangle and the circle.

• Firstly the 4 most thought of simple shapes are square, rectangle, triangle, and circle, but you eliminate the square and rectangle by mentioning them in your example of simple shapes (in speech) so the only ones left are the triangle and the circle.

• Secondly the hand signal you do looks like a circle inside a triangle (picture) so this again tells the subconscious to choose those 2 shapes.

NOTE: when doing the signal do it casually and normally (so don't stress it too much) or they will know what you are doing. Do the signal in their line of vision.

Only do this effect once in front of the audience (don't do it in front of the same person twice). As soon as you say put one inside of the other do the signal then when you Finnish saying this stop doing the signal. When revealing the answer do not say which one goes inside of the other just say something like "I think you was thinking of the circle and a triangle" then you have less chance of getting it wrong. SAXON RIX

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Understanding Mind Control

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