Synchronized Drinking

The Scene:

A dinner party in an elegant house. Five guests sit around a table with a long tablecloth, Derren is seated at the head of the table.

Derren: "It's interesting coming into a party at this point and seeing the sort of rapport that exists between you." "When people are getting on they will do things like blink at the same rate, adopt the same breathing pattern and even do things like take...a drink at exactly the same time." "This is something that can be.AMPLIFIED".

Derren now turns to the guest to his right (Alex).

Derren: May I try this with you, what's your name?

Alex: Alex

Derren: Alex, I'm Derren Derren now make a move to shake Alex's hand and takes Alex's wrist in his left hand and holds it up towards his face. Look at your hand let your eyes close and,...Good Alex is now in a trance and exhibits catalepsy so Derren can be clear he is hypnotised. Derren: Let me come 'round here Derren moves his chair closer to Alex, this is important for the effect to work as will be seen later. Alex, I'm going to take your hand and give you your wine glass.there And I want you to put your head up so we can see you though you can't see us because your eyes remain closed. Now I can do this with Alex because I

can establish rapport with him quickly then I'd like to try it with you He indicates to Abby who sits at the far diagonal corner of the table. Because I've noticed a rapport between you two as well. Abby: Ok

Derren Ok, Alex with your glass there you'll notice a pressureO around here. In a moment, I will take a sip from my glass, when I do you'll feel this pressure release I want you to allow the glass to come up to your mouth and you take a sip too, so just wait, you'll feel when it happens.

Derren: I'll look the other way so I can't see him. Derren now shifts around slightly in the chair, obviously not too far or he won't be able to maintain the foot pressure. After some small delay, Derren begins to raise his glass, releasing the foot pressure as he does and Alex raises his glass in response to the release of pressure. Derren: Bring the glass back down. How was That? The guests respond favourably. Can I try this with you now? Derren indicates to Abby. You hold your glass of wine up as well. Now, you choose the moment you want this to happen, wait as long as you like. Derren is of course watching Abby, he needs to know when she starts raising so he can again release the pressure on Alex's foot. The trick is performed and again the guests show their amazement. Derren: Fantastic, bring your glass back down for me Abby. Alex bring your glass back down slowly. Derren assists

Alex to put his glass back down on to the table. And,...come back to me... open your eyes come back Alex is awakened from the trance and the effect is complete.

(Derren moves his hand around the glass area but does not say to Alex, you'll notice a pressure on the glass. As Alex has his eyes closed the hand movement is obviously meant for the other guests to suggest the pressure is in Alex's hand. However the pressure is on Alex's foot as Derren is pressing down on it with his foot.) DAVE EVERETT

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