Hand Stuck To Table

The hand stuck to table is more classic hypnosis and if you have a reasonable grounding in hypnotic language you will understand what is going on. Patter:

(said quite rapidly) Just put your hand on the desk to there in front

(Direct command - if she does it it shows she is accepting your suggestion. In the same way if you are going to put someone in a trance it is useful get some agreement from them such as Put your feet flat on the floor...put your hands on your lap...close your eyes when you are ready to go into a trance - Yes Yes Yes) ...now I'm not going to hypnotise you...

(Embedded suggestion/Confusion/get rid of anxiety - by telling you what he is not going to do he is suggesting that he is going to do something, this creates doubt and expectation. Also by emphasising words he is saying "I am going to hypnotise you". Also by saying this he enables Olga to relax if she has any anxiety about going into a trance.

but I'm just going to (Haven't listened to it yet but so many of these words could be emphasised or marked out by tone or turning the head one way of another such as - JUST GOING - later you could emphasis the word TRANCE or NOW or anything else)

show you something that is interesting... (Creates curiosity and expectation that something will occur)

and is a kind of psychological trick...alright? (Alright will be followed by some kind of communication from Olga, that yes she understands and she is happy with things so far)...

just press your hand into the table (Direct suggestion - accepted. Into the table - how do you press your hand into the table -

this suggests something other than rest it lightly on the table does it not?)(pause)... (Olga is doing the work here - by trying to figure out what is happening - subconsciously or consciously she is beginning to get a clue where this is going)

ok?...look me right in the eye (pause)...(Derren will be looking at her confidently and, I know I keep using this word, congruently - probably looking straight through her with the clear expectation that something is about to occur. This will create some confusion ' why is he looking like that - it is also another direct suggestion that she accepts - it also takes her concentration off her hand which is pressing into the table and by now will have begun to go cataleptic - let me know if you want an explanation of this. It is important because the effect he is gong for is catalepsy)(said fast and firmly, confidently) when

I take my hand off of yours you will not be able to lift your hand up in the air... (Direct) The more you TRY in vein to un-STICK (emphasis on the stick' part) it from the table the tighter it sticks... (Double bind - the harder you try the more difficult it becomes - again classic Erickson here. You can do exactly the same with a hand levitation. The harder you try and push it down the higher it lifts. TRY - cant state how important this word is - it assumes failure and so can be put to your advantage. GO ON (said in a slightly strained way)

...try as hard as you can to lift it but you can't the more you try the more it keeps on sticking...

( More of the same challenge/Double bind/Expectation of failure)at this point he tells the listeners how its not much to look at at home...asks her how it feels etc...)(Jo Whiley tries to convince Olga she can but Derren Brown cuts in... )

Now I haven't hypnotised you your completely wide awake... (Liar - yes he has!!! Well wakening hypnotised her anyway)

you're sat here I'm just talking to you your hand stuck to the table... (Pacing current experience - everything he just said can be verified as true. She is sat there, her hand is stuck and he is just talking - this is a great way of leading into another suggestion, a more leading suggestion - you see Pace and lead, pace and lead)

...and without hypnotising you or doing anything weird here's, and this is going to sound very strange right? but just go with me... (More embedded suggestions - GO WITH ME etc)

I would touch you on that hand and when I do (slightly emphasised on the do')

the hand will lift, (Really - you mean its not stuck - that's the thing about this glue its real sticky but can be unstuck real fast)

alright?...and it will be free but at the same moment (very brief pause) (Checks its all ok with OLGA and pauses expectantly - gets result)

the reason why it lifts up is that your NAME (emphasised)

will disappear from your mind... (Double bind - combined with direct command - as it lifts your name will disappear from your mind)

you know what its like when you have something really obvious on the tip of your tongue that you know that you should know (Reminds her of times when it is difficult to recall something i.e. naturally occurring amnesia - this creates amnesia) and the more that you try and remember it the more impossible it is to recall?...

(You know this one by now!)(Olga says yeah) ...yeah with tunes and peoples NAMES (slightly emphasised) and that sort of thing... (Great agreement more from OLGA)

this is SO (emphasised) weird but without hypnotising you or doing anything strange I touch you there your hand LIFTS (emphasised) ...look at me what was your name?... (What was your name implies that it is already forgotten. What is your name would probably not be as effective - check the language in the train memory swipe I bet it is similar)(Olga pauses for a few seconds then laughs) ...what was your name?... (She laughs saying she can't remember)

...now what's it like not knowing what your name is? (After many attempts to recall her name Derren intervenes) ...alright I'll tap you on the head it will come back...just say it alright?...there you go... (she instantly recalls her name...Derren then goes into another effect where he guesses what Olga is thinking of...)getting this kind of dramatic effect like hand stuck or arm levitation is one of the easiest things to do hypnotically - expect success - study the language patterns.

A well known phrase that is useful to keep in mind from Ormond McGill stage hypnotism is this When the will and imagination are at play the imagination wins every time. Meaning if I put a scaffold board on the ground and 5 grand on the end of it you for you to keep if you walk that board - your will would probably get you there. If I put it 100 ft up yourimagination would kick in that you might fall off - and you would. Inn the same way if there is the slightest thought in Olga's mind that Derren can stick her hand then it will stick. Lets face it this is Derren so that doubt it gonna be there. However just telling people you are a hypnotist or can hypnotise them is enough to create this doubt. SVENGALI DECK

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Hynotism and Self Hypnosis

Hynotism and Self Hypnosis

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