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NLP includes a system of 'eye accessing cues.' These are used to read information about a person through the direction they are looking with their eyes. It is similar to reading body language. It is commonly known that if someone is stood upright with their arms folded they are being defensive. Luckily 'eye accessing cues' are not so commonly known - and Derren Brown uses these regularly in his performances.

The NLP system of eye accessing cues that is required for this effect work for

'memories' only. If you ask someone to think of something that will happen in the future, or a dream - this will not work. It must be a memory.

NLP eye accessing cues, are based on our five senses. You will see from the list of 3

memories above that 3 senses are covered:

Old Friend - Visual Image

Piece of Music - Audible Sound

Pain - Kinaesthetic (which means touch)

If you ask someone to visualise in their 'minds eye' a memory of an image, sound or touch, they will tend to look in a specific place each time. You may have noticed it yourself if someone asks you a question that you can't quite remember the answer to. You can't help but move your eyes upwards or to the side in order to remember. It is something that all people do subconsciously.

Below are the directions that 'right handed' people look when they are remembering images, sounds and touch. If the person you are performing this effect on is left handed, you must switch the directions left to right and vice versa.

You: Let me see if I can guess what your thinking of, take these 3 slips of paper and write down the name of an old friend, the name of a song, and a time when you were in pain - maybe if you cut yourself or broke a bone. Write one on each slip.

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