Full Methodology

To perform this effect you need what is known as a 'Swami Gimmick'. This is a small device, which looks a little like a thin flesh coloured rubber band with a pencil nib in it. You can buy them from any magic store. They are designed for secretly writing information. If you don't want to buy a swami gimmick, you can just break a piece of lead off the end of a pencil and wedge it under one of your finger nails. Personally I don't use a swami gimmick, I find that lead from a pencil works brilliantly. Before you try to perform the trick; take a piece of lead, find a way to attach it to your finger, I put mine just under my nail sticking out. If you bite your nails a tiny bit of sticky tape will work to hold it in place. Practice writing with the gimmick, try to make it look as much like your handwriting as possible.

You: Have you got a pen and pencil I can borrow there?

Subject: Yes

You: Great! Now let me just get things straight You've got a bank account with one of those plastic cards - is that right? You have a PIN number for the card? Is that right? You've kept it secret, so there is no way that I could know it. is that right?

You: OK, what I want you to do is hold out your hand, place it flat on the table; I just need to be holding onto your wrist for this to work.

(This is the misdirection needed for the trick. Whilst you are holding their hand, explain to them how its possible to get clues about what a person is thinking just by holding on to a part of their body. Talk about eye accessing cues using the information I gave you in the previous effect, they aren't needed for this trick - but the more ways you can distract attention away from the real method the better!)

You: Your PIN number is 4 digits long. I want you to visualise the 1st digit. Visualise it brightly in your mind, draw the shape of the number with you mind, let it burn and image there. Keep visualising.. (allow a few seconds of silence to pass) Stop.

(You need to repeat this visualisation process for each of the 4 numbers. At this point you should pretend to write a 4 digit number down. Just move the pencil across the paper very lightly, so it makes a noise as if you are writing but doesn't leave more than a very faint mark. Make sure the subject can't see that you've not actually written anything.)

You: Right, I've made my prediction, take the pencil back.

(Don't make a big deal of passing the pencil back to them. However, the mere fact that you don't have the pencil any longer will remove any suspicion that you have another way to write with the swami gimmick!)

You: What is your PIN number?

Understanding Mind Control

Understanding Mind Control

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