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This method is very easy, but took me time to come up with because I wanted to make people believe that it was truly psychological and I was really testing telepathy. So it starts out like this:

I lay down the five cards with the wavy lines right on the end and the star in the middle.

I then ask the spectator to think of one of those shapes while forcing the wavy lines on the end, by pointing at it with my right hand in a karate chop fashion. I then pick up the five cards and say Okay, whichever one your thinking of now... stick with it DONT change your mind.

Ok, then I say Say the card, whatever one it is over and over in your mind... TRANSMIT it to me!!! Tell me with your eyes! etc

...I then lay the wavy lines FACE DOWN on the table, and continue the patter for another 10 seconds and then say okay the one your thinking of begins with an 'S' right? It's one word, short word... You're thinking of a star... yes??

At this point, it's a little risky, but you still have to sound confident when you say it. So when it's a hit it's a hit and she'll know it's a hit.

If she says no. Then you look confused and say So which one were you thinking of?, and if she says wavy lines, you're in luck, if not, then you're not!!

If not, then you just pick up the card, and he'll think it's the star. But if it is the wavy lines, then you just turn it over and smile, it's MAJOR HIT!! Because it comes after an apparent loss. I reckon this will work at some level 80% of the time because of your force and the fact that the star and wavy lines are the most appealing cards. If it doesn't, then by the end of the experiment, she'll just forget about it. Okay... Now onto the main routine:

You give him the five cards and say Right, now we're gonna start for real. I want you to think of another card. Wait until they do... Then tell them to take the one they're thinking of out and then hold it about 4 inches from their face and concentrate on the shape. They are to stare at the card for two seconds and then stare at you for two seconds while trying to transmit it to you.

You tell them to do this for two reasons mainly:

1) is to make it look like a proper telepathy procedure.

2) Is that when he's looking at the card for two seconds, it gives you a chance to look at the mark on the car ;) Sneaky huh?

people realise that you're staring at the back of the card when you've told them to specifically look into your eyes and transmit it to you. They realise at some level that there must be trickery involved. But when you do it this way, no-one is the wiser.

You then emphasise that you're going to put down your card first, so even if you catch a glimpse of theirs it doesn't matter because you put yours down first so you cannot change it!! - This is VERY important, you have to do this because it rules out the marked cards because no-one thinks that you're gonna look at the card when they're holding it up! Partly because their covering most of it, but also because they don't see your eyes shift from there's. They'll forget about the time when they've been concentrating on it.

Okay, so you do that for the rest of the cards, and right at the end you say Have we got the same one left? - And then watch their reaction as they see the circle or whatever which is the same as theirs. Amazing.

But you disregard that, and make it look like a coincidence and then say "Okay deal them out from the top... and they come out in the same order EXCELLANT! {SLAM BOTH HANDS ON THE TABLE} Good effect, very good. The thing that makes it real mind-reading is that you start off without even giving me the cards.

If you have the wavy lines on the table face down and sort of fish your way through to the star and it's wrong, then you act very confused so it looks like you're really doing the mind-reading. And when you ask them to name the card. If it is the wavy lines

(which is very likely) you just casually pick it up from the table and smile mysteriously... And it's fantastic moment!! :-) And this way it doesn't enter anyone's thought that you just covered more ground by naming the star! Also, a few other points I should note out:-

• Even if you get it wrong, it doesn't matter, in fact it could work in your favour because then people will really think you're mind-reading genuinely

• Also, when performing with my method (not mine, but one I thought of :) you give them direct instructions as to what to do. Say "okay, you have to hold it up to eye-level... no... further then that, 4 inches approx." etc What this does is slightly bewilder them because then they think that it's a serious experiment otherwise you wouldn't be saying all these things. And also, as you know, you're pacing and leading them this way ;)

• Put them totally off-guard. You can even mention your method to put them off from the start. A good place to do that is at the beginning of the experiment when you've correctly named the star. You can say okay, so it's not a trick,this is real,the cards are not marked, I can't see any reflection off your eyes etc... This makes them mentally rule out these things and also if you say it in an absurd tone, it'll sound like you're just stating common myths.

• One last point... and this is a sneaky one!! :)At the end of the experiment you've displayed an amazing moment, because the chances of it happening is 4% (or 1 in 25), if they're intelligent they'll be amazed and may be holding their mouth with both hands if they're a girl ;)You can anchor that amazement state ;)

if some one looks at you suspiciously and are shuffling the cards say Shuffle shuffle them as much as you want and start shuffling your own. You can tell them to shuffle their cards, this again puts them off the trickery side of things (i.e. forcing by putting the cards in a specific order).



They have the cards in their hands - you tell them just to THINK of one, not to touch it or even look at the card.

The longest version goes like this: You then put your prediction down, they put their card down -the cards are turned over and they match You then say we'll try it again. You put a card down, they put one down, you ask them to mentally select another, you put one down - they put theirs down. cards are turned over and they match Finally - you do it with all five cards It could just be in 1 round with all five cards - it depends how it goes

Method- Cards are of course marked, and the first 2 rounds may not happen — but it doesn't matter as you don't tell them before hand.

It all depends on where the first card YOU put down appears in the cards they pick. You take a most likely guess for the first card and also try to influence the choice slightly. I usually put down a circle - if I'm lucky/they've been paying attention - they put down a circle. So just turn the cards over, and start again saying that could have just been a coincidence

If they don't , say they put down a square - you look at the marks and put down a square on top of the circle you put down.

They then put down their next card - if it's a circle; you just ask them to turn their cards over - you do the same - take top card in right hand, bottom in left and widely separate; during the turn over you bring your hands together and apart again - during which you switch them - so they match the specs selection. Similar to a top change. Again, if you matched on the second card - it's the next round, always start the rounds with the same card from you - so that the 'rounds' are likely to last longer each time. i.e. they are unlikely to keep putting the same card down 1st or 2nd.

If they put down your first card 3rd or later - you reveal all five as correct:

say they do square, star, circle your pile is circle, square, star you have 2 cards left -you just guess and put one down, if you're right - the next ones right as well, so when putting the final card down — you can 'accidentally' flash it.

so their pile:

square, star, circle, wavy lines, cross your pile:

circle, square, star, wavy lines, cross

So - you ask them to deal their cards out in a row - you do the same; dealing your card first each time. you do:

normal deal, normal deal, bottom deal, normal deal, normal deal If you guessed wrong on the last 2 cards so their pile:

square, star, circle, wavy lines, cross your pile: circle, square, star, cross, wavy lines you do:

second deal, normal deal, bottom deal, normal deal, normal deal

If they put the circle down fourth, you'll both have the same card left - so you just put it down - again, accidentally flash it if you like so their pile:

square, star, wavy lines, circle, cross your pile:

circle, square, star, wavy lines, cross for the deal:

normal deal, bottom deal, normal deal, normal deal, normal deal Circle down fifth:

so their pile: square, star, wavy lines, cross, circle your pile: circle, square, star, wavy lines, cross deal is just:

bottom deal, normal deal, normal deal, normal deal, normal deal

This is probably the best outcome, as you can appear to deal all the cards 'one handed' from the top of your packet onto the table.

Pick the packet up, square it and do a tabled bottom deal as you're putting the packet back down; the rest of the deals are genuine - so make the most of them.

Sounds more tricky than it is, as false dealing from a packet of 5 is fairly easy. It has the strength that you always put down your card while they are just thinking about theirs.

Just mix that with some misdirecting patter/false method and you're away BRIAN LEWIS

METHOD 3 (non gaffed, 80% accurate)

This effect performed by Derren on mind control 2 is very baffling.but I do know how he did the part where he wanted to see who would be best for his experiment.

To do this you need five ESP cards, each card has a different shape on them which are circle, cross, star, square and wavy lines. Before performing this effect put the cards in that order from top to bottom. When performing say this I am going to try &

transmit one of these cards to you, these are called ESP cards, they were used and still are used to test for psychic ability there are 5 cards, each with a different shape on. The shapes are a circle (say normally & show card) cross (say normally & show card)

Star (show card and when saying star slightly stress that word and show the card for a split second longer.) square (say normally & show card) and the wavy lines (say normally & show card).

Then after they have thought of one tell them which one you think they thought of (star).

Say something like well the one I transmitted was the star (show card)

Why do they choose the star? There are 3 reasons why they choose the star

1. The star is in the middle and at the beginning no one picks the outer ones.

2. The star is the most popular one because it is the most appealing.

3. When you stress the "star" their subconscious hears it and thinks that they should pick that one.

NOTE: when stressing the "star" don't make it obvious, just say it a little louder or higher/lower pitched. You may have to practice this a bit before you perform this effect. Also only let the star card be seen for only a split second longer.

You can do this effect with any ESP card and it does not have to be in the middle but when practising do it with the star to start of with. To do it with any card all you have to do is say all the cards and stress the card you want to make them pick.


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