Closing Notes

That is the basic methodology that I use when I perform the trick. I have performed it 100s of times and providing I only do it once per person, I never get caught out. Feel free to adapt the script to suit your style. Instead of a 'psychological test' you could claim that you have 'psychic powers' which let you touch people from a distance. Remember, in the script above I suggested moving just a step away from the person who's eyes are closed. There is nothing to stop you walking to the other side of the room, just tap them as you turn to walk away!

Divining a Memory:

This is a trick using Neuro-Linguistic-Programming a.k.a. NLP. NLP is a recently developed branch on applied psychology and is used extensively in modern sales training courses. Many say that it derives from hypnosis techniques - although it is not hypnosis in itself. Many have also claimed it is a dangerous, manipulative technique which can be used to take advantage of people. In this case, that is exactly what we shall do - take advantage of the sub-conscious signals our eyes give off in every day life!

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Understanding Mind Control

Understanding Mind Control

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