(At this point you should lift Amy's left arm with your left hand, so that her hand hovers around waist height. Let your right hand remain casually by your side. Once you have done this let your left hand return to your side, leaving Amy's hand 'hovering'.)

You: Kate! Watch this!

(As you say this, you should hold your index finger of your left hand up between your face and Kate's, and look Kate right in the eye. At the same time you should turn your body in Kate's direction and take a step away from Amy. As you do this, allow your 4th finger or your right hand to tap Amy's hand twice. With a little practice, you saying "Kate! Watch this!" combined with you holding your other hand up and looking her in the eye means that Kate and everybody else watching will not see you tap Amy. You should make the tap as fluid as possible. I keep my hand moving all the time and simply stick out my 4th finger twice as my hand moves close to Amy's.)

(At this point, silently, dramatically and deliberately, grab Kate's hand and tap it in exactly the same place, as you did Amy. Up until this point Kate and the audience believe that no-one has been tapped. This is the dual reality in play, they will think that it is now that Amy is feeling taps... not 10 seconds earlier.) You: Amy, could you open you eyes please. I hope this has worked; I've only managed to do it a couple of times so far. Did you feel anything at all? (It's important to be unsure of the result. This will stop people thinking that it is just a trick, and that you really are performing a psychological miracle.)

Amy: Yes

You: What did you feel? Amy: Taps

You: How many taps did you feel? Amy: 2

You: Where did you feel them? Amy: On my hand

(At this stage Amy will probably point to the exact point, if not you can further question her.)

You: Well I'm very happy! It worked! I actually didn't touch you at all!

(At this point the true level of the effect becomes apparent, Amy will insist you touched her, but EVERYONE else in the room will be positive that you never went near her hand! People will ask you to do it again, be careful - until you are very practiced at the secret tap, a good observer might be able to spot it!)

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