First of all, this effect can work best when performed one on one - you want the person to feel relaxed and not that they are going to be ridiculed for thinking about something as personal as sex. It all depends on how well the group of people know one another, whether they are likely to be phased by sex being mentioned (so don't try it at the local church hall!), how responsive you feel they will be, and how comfortable they feel with you.

Obviously try and pick a suitable volunteer, the shy wallflower sat alone in the corner may not appreciate being the chosen one, and it's always usually best to pick someone of the opposite sex - a man asking another man to think about sex can have some unfortunate consequences!

You can adapt it for use in other performances without playing cards, for example, to predict a selected object, or even to uncover someone's PIN number for their credit card - in this performance you start with the first of the 4 digits and have them think of "sex" when you've counted to the first number - count past it for effect (and security!), and write the first digit on a pad. Now repeat for the second, third, and fourth digits.

You will end up with the PIN number, and may get away with performing this once, but keep repeating it and unfortunately the dramatic effect will be lost on the audience, who may well have fallen asleep!

Finally, you can always keep the secret to yourself, and despite the suspicion that the "sex" element of the trick had something to do with it, they'll be unlikely to guess exactly how it's done.

Mental Diary Effect B y

David Shuttleworth.

Firstly let me thank you for buying this effect, I'm sure that you'll have as much fun and receive as much entertainment from performing it as I have. Its ideal for close up / street magic performances.

I've called it the Mental Diary Effect which hopefully explains exactly what the effect is. You are able to have anyone call out a date of the year and you can tell them which day that is (i.e. Monday, Tuesday, etc).

Obviously you don't have to repeat everything below verbatim; you can adapt it as you feel best.

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