Just a few minor details here that I've discovered along the way to make this run a little smoother.

Firstly, no matter what you do or say, people are going to be trying to work out how your Ghost just came up with a card that they've just thought of a few seconds ago. If you used a deck of cards they'd accuse you of forcing the card on them, but the only thing that can possibly come under scrutiny here is the telephone call itself. As this is indeed the secret to performing the effect I feel its best to make this as crisp and "normal" in appearance as possible. This is why I always ask the participant to make the card an "unusual" one. I'm sure you're aware that a lot of people would automatically choose a picture card - there's nothing wrong with this, and it doesn't really affect the performance, it just means that it appears to take a little longer for the phone to be answered than you might usually expect while your accomplice runs through all of the cards. We obviously want to make sure that there's absolutely NO reason for the call to appear "different" and I find that by asking for an unusual card it does in most cases end up being a numbered card rather than a picture card.

Secondly, I always make sure that my Ghost starts with the value of the card. This is because there are 13 possibilities compared to only 4 suits. If you're Ghost gets the suit first and the card was say a King, there'd be quite a delay between asking to speak to the ghost and before you asked the ghost to name the card, and I feel that this would almost definitely arouse suspicions as being a little odd. By starting with the value you've already worked through the most cumbersome part when it appears that the phone has only just been answered. The suit then takes only a couple of seconds to arrive at and the whole performance is very fast, crisp, and gives no clue to how the card was arrived at.

Once you've practiced this a couple of times with your accomplice there's not really anything to go wrong. The only thing that I've had happen is that my Ghost forgot he was a Ghost and started having a normal conversation when he answered the phone. We decided that if this happened again I would just remain silent instead of saying anything which should remind him to start the count. I don't like the idea of coughing or clearing my throat because that could be construed as some kind of code to determine the card.

Another idea is to continue as follows:

Ghost: "Hello, did you see the football last night?"

You: "Hello can I speak to the Ghost"

You: "Hello Ghost?"

Ghost: "Hearts Diamonds Clubs..."

You: "Could you tell this young lady what her card is please?".

It just takes a little bit of thought beforehand to make sure you know exactly what you're going to do if this ever happens, and being fore-armed certainly helps to take the pressure off!

Another subtle touch is the use of showmanship by the Ghost. If they simply give the value of the card it leaves the effect a little flat. It's much better if they can get into the spirit of things (ha-ha) and put on a ghostly voice. It also helps if they can appear to arrive at the card by using some form of psychic divination, for example to start by referring to seeing shining jewels which then leads to diamonds, etc. It's up to you really, but it does help to add to the surrealism of the situation.

I also now have my confederates number stored under several different names. As I said earlier you could use The Devil, The Ghost, etc. This just allows you a little more flexibility to tailor your performance slightly depending on whoever you've decided to impress.

And finally, it's a good idea if possible to ring your Ghost prior to any intended performances. There's nothing worse than approaching someone, going through the spiel, and then finding that there's no-one at home when you ring the Ghost - it can make you look and feel rather silly!

Have Fun!

Psychological Coin Prediction

David Shuttleworth.

Firstly let me thank you for buying this effect, I'm sure that you'll have as much fun and receive as much entertainment from performing it as I have. Its ideal for close up/ street magic and seems to work particularly well in the pub for some reason - if you're anything like me you'll be using it in no time to either impress the ladies or win a few drinks from them!

Obviously you don't have to repeat everything below verbatim; you can adapt it as you feel best.

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