The Secret

Like all good magic the secret is devilishly simple yet very difficult to figure out. The very simple method to make this work is really quite obvious if you think about it. It relies upon misdirection, specifically with reference to when the touches actually occurred, and your brazen disregard for getting caught performing such a simple parlour trick. However, in the notes I'll give you a different, more subtle method, just in case you feel uncomfortable with the blatantly obvious one. It will not however work in all scenarios, and could be difficult to perform in a totally impromptu way.

Going right back to the beginning lets think about how the effect is presented.

All that the volunteers know is that you are going to use your powers of persuasion to "alter their perception of reality", or whatever other mumbo type jumbo line you feed them. I feel its much better to start out by giving away as little information as you can, as it adds to the surprise and shock later, and it avoids them trying to fathom out exactly how your going to do it - once you have successfully performed the effect and people have witnessed it, they will be more interested in experiencing it for themselves than in trying to see how you might be cheating, particularly if you give it a new age or spiritualism slant.

The most important thing is that the volunteer understands that they must count the number of touches in their head, not out loud, and you need to be clear about this without drawing too much attention to it.

The reason that this is vitally important is because you actually touch them during your "intent concentration" phase, while you're "trying to get in synch with their aura", etc.

The lines about "not counting out loud so that you can then compare what they experienced with what the observers witnessed, without either side influencing the other" are designed to explain what they are going to do and why.

As terrible as the line "It's my job to do the influencing - I don't want putting out of work." is, it immediately diverts attention away from what you've just said and hopefully dissuades people from thinking about your stipulations. If you then move on with the performance, any questions that the group may have had should be forgotten.

Body Language Magic

Body Language Magic

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