The Secret

The solution to this effect is extremely straightforward and should really be totally obvious. I think that most people will realise that there is some mathematical method at work rather than your having sat down and memorised an entire diary, but fortunately most people are so frightened of maths that they can't even manage to think about it to see how the effect is achieved.

Quite simply you choose a day of the week, say Monday, and then memorise the first date in each month that the chosen day falls on. You will end up with a 12 digit number, one number for each month.

For example, for 2004 and using Monday, the number would be 521537526416, the 5 at the start representing January the 5th, and the 6 at the end representing December the 6th.

That in itself seems like a horrendous thing to try and remember, so you need to break it down into something more memorable like 2 blocks of 6(521537 and 526416), 4 blocks of 3(521 537 and 526 416), or 6 blocks of 2 (52 15 37 and 52 64 16). The reason that the word "and" is always between the 6th and 7th numbers is so that you can see the break between the first and second halves of the year.

Once that you've done this the rest is simplicity itself. You take the date that the person calls out and recall the number that corresponds to that month from your own 12 digit number. Now count in multiples of 7 (so that you are counting in full weeks and are still conscious of which day you have counted to) until you get close to the selected date. Now count the remainder of days until you reach the chosen date. For example, suppose that the person calls the 23rd of September. From the12 digit number for Monday (above) you would see that the number for September is the number 6 (the 6th).

Counting in multiples of 7 you go from the 6 to the 13th (still a Monday), the 20th (still a Monday), and then you have 3 days remaining to the 23rd. Now count 3 days singularly - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. So the 23rd is a Thursday.

Another example. Suppose the date called is the 30th of March. The number corresponding to the first Monday in March is the number 1 (the 1st). Counting in multiples of 7 you move from the 1st to the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th. You are now 1 day away from the 30th so the 30th is a Tuesday.

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