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Like all good magic the secret is devilishly simple yet very difficult to figure out. It relies, like a lot of good magic, upon people accepting things which are common to them without question. In this case the secret to the effect is the telephone call itself.

Obviously because the chosen card could be any one of 52 you can't ring a recorded message or choose between 52 recorded messages! The "entity" you ring is necessarily a person who is actually a confederate of yours who is assisting with the effect (my "assistant" also uses me when he performs this effect, that is, I am his "Ghost").

This fact alone still doesn't help with the arrival at the value of the card. Well this is where the simplicity and subterfuge come into play. Basically, when you ring someone, they answer the phone and you start talking straight away. This is the accepted way that everyone expects a phone conversation to unravel, and this is how you are able to help your Ghost arrive at the selected card. If you think back to the conversation on the last page, the first thing you say on the telephone is:

Me: "Hello, can I speak to the Ghost please".

This is because someone has just answered the phone at the other end, right? WRONG!! Your spectators think that they are seeing and hearing a normal telephone conversation, like the thousands that they've made themselves. Using the previous example of the Six of Clubs, if they could hear both sides of the conversation after you've rung the number this is what they'd actually hear:

Ghost (having just answered the phone and having seen it's your number calling): "4ce 2 3 4 5 6...".

Me: "Hello, can I speak to the Ghost please".

Ghost: "Hearts Diamonds Clubs "

Me: "Hello, is that the Ghost? Could you tell this young lady which card she chose please".

And there you have it. By acting as though the phone is still ringing while your confederate is running through the cards, you've arrived at the value of the card by interrupting him with your first words. He then moves onto the suit and by interrupting him again you very quickly have the value and suit your victim chose! It seems like a normal conversation and there seems to be no way you could have helped with arriving at the card, and struggle as they may 99.9% of spectators will not be able to work out how it was done! You can perform it over and over again with 100% confidence that your ghost will get it right every time.

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