The Secret

Obviously if the date is lower than your number you just count backwards. Suppose for example they choose the 1st of June. The corresponding number for the first Monday in June is a 7, and you need to count back 6 steps. Counting backwards 7 steps would take you to the previous Monday, but this would be the last day in the previous month, so obviously the 1st of June must be a Tuesday.

To be able to perform the effect for the previous and/or next year you simply memorise the 12 digit number for each year.

The rest is then down to your performance to convince your audience that you are performing some kind of astounding fete of memory - this needs to be emphasised quite a bit otherwise the effect is a little dull.

Long Distance Mind Reading.

David Shuttleworth.

Firstly let me thank you for buying this effect, I'm sure that you'll have as much fun and receive as much entertainment from performing it as I have. Its ideal for close up/ street magic and seems to work particularly well in the pub for some reason - if you're anything like me you'll be using it in no time to either impress the ladies or win a few drinks from them!

Obviously you don't have to repeat everything below verbatim; you can adapt it as you feel best. Personally I prefer to claim use of a spirit guide, but you could just as effectively claim to speak to John Edward, James Van Praagh, The Ghost, The Devil, Derren Brown, etc - whatever you think best suits your selected participant and yourself.

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