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You tell your audience that in your relentless study of mind control, you have discovered a way of developing memory to an astonishing degree. In order to demonstrate this you ask whether anyone has a diary with them for the current year. If you have more than one person who answers positively you can use them all by letting them take it in turns to call out dates and they can all verify that you get the correct day. Obviously this counters any question of collusion between you and the volunteers, and makes it a bit more interesting than just one person calling out a string of dates.

If you only have one person who has a diary, get them to let people close by take it and call out dates too.

Make sure that you have a diary ready yourself in case no-one has one, and then use this but turn your back to the people who call out the dates so that there is no question that you've somehow marked the exterior of the book.

No matter which dates they call out you can tell them correctly every time which day of the week will fall / did fall on that date. If the diary has a page which shows last year and next year, ask the volunteer to choose dates from last year, then move onto next year and repeat it again.

It is important, as with all effects, not to overdo it, otherwise it will change from an impressive fete of mega memory, to a boring and rather dull party trick.

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