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Take your volunteer and stand them directly in front of you, and so that they are facing the audience enough for them to be able to see the volunteers face. You don't need to stand too close, a few feet away will be sufficient. Explain to the audience and the subject that you are going to give a performance of mind control, psychological body reading, or whatever else you choose to call it, and explain what will happen, and that you will explain exactly how you managed it afterwards to give them an indication of what mind control is all about.

A typical script could read something like this:

"What I am going to do is to give you a simple demonstration of the power of mind control, more specifically, I am going to directly read [this persons] mind.

Whilst I am doing this I would also like you, the audience, to attempt to read [this persons] mind as well.

It may sound impossible (?), but there is nothing mystical or difficult about it. Trust me, you can do it too. We all have the ability to read peoples inner thoughts and motives through body language and unconscious cues, and we do it all the time, we just don't consciously realise that we're doing it."

At this point turn back to your volunteer as you continue talking.

"In a moment I'm going to hand you 15 playing cards. All that I want you to do is pick any one of them at random and then return it to the pack and shuffle it."

Your volunteer will usually give some sign that they understand at this point.

Give the volunteer the cards and turn away from her so that there is no chance that you can see what she is doing. Once that she has finished take the cards back and continue:

"Can you remember which card you chose?" Hopefully she can.

"Good. In a moment then, I'm going to start to show you the cards one by one, and when I get to yours I will tell you. Firstly though, I need to ask you a personal question. Is that Okay?"

Hopefully it is.

"What do you prefer best, Sex or Money?"

At this point the volunteer will usually be slightly taken aback, if not ever so slightly stunned. You need to reassure her that you don't mean to cause her any embarrassment, and that it's essential for the effect to work. Maybe say something like:

"Perhaps I didn't word that too well - I don't wish to embarrass you. Maybe I should have said which of the 2 words, sex, or money, would grab your attention the most - for example, if you overheard them in a conversation, which would be most likely to make your ears - prick up?"

She'll probably say "sex."

"Okay then, all that I need you to do is to concentrate really hard on sex - or the word sex, whichever you prefer really, when you see your card."

You then show her the cards one at a time, and sure enough once you reach your volunteers card you stop and have correctly arrived at the chosen card.

Understanding Mind Control

Understanding Mind Control

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