The Effect

The following description of performing the effect is exactly as I use it, I've explained it as if I'm actually performing it to attempt to give a flavour of what the spectators experience.

I select someone who I think looks suitably receptive then approach them and either make some small talk with them first, or just ask them outright:

Me: "Doyou believe in ghosts?"

Them: "Yes" (it doesn't really matter if they say "No" or anything else, just continue with the effect because they'll be suitably impressed anyway).

Me: "Well I know that they exist. I was involved in an accident a couple of years ago and I had a Near Death Experience where I actually passed over to the other side for a few minutes. When I came to I could communicate with my Spirit Guide. Everybody has a spirit guide, it's just that I'm a little bit friendlier with mine than most people. Here, I'll show you"

At this point you take out your mobile phone and show them as you go into the stored numbers and bring onto the display "Ghost" or whatever name you're using.

Me: "I don't want to scare you, but it's really quite freaky. Your Spirit Guide has a telepathic link with you and knows exactly what you're doing all of the time, everything you do, say, and hear. Let me show you. Think of a card, but make it one that wouldn't be obvious."

Them: "You want me to pick a card?" (I don't know why but they almost ALWAYS ask you this!)

Me: "Yes, but like I say make it an unusual one". Them: "Okay"

Me: "You've got one? Good. Which one did you choose?"

Them: "You want me to tell you?" (They almost always say this too!).

Me: "Yes that's right, you'll see why in a minute".

Them: "The Six of Clubs" (or any other card they've chosenj.

Me: "Okay, let me ring the Ghost".

You now pick up your mobile and clearly show them you're pressing the button to connect you to the Ghost number before putting it to your ear.

Me: "Hello, can I speak to the Ghost please"

Me: "Hello, is that the Ghost? Could you tell this young lady which card she chose please".

You now pass the phone to the person who thought of the card and tell them to say hello to the Ghost. They're not really sure what to expect but just watch the expression on their face as the ethereal voice at the other end of the line says:

"I see blackness. I see the number six. The card you chose was the Six of Clubs".

You'll now have them eating out of the palm of your hand and at a total loss as to how someone not even in the same building could possibly know which card they thought of just a few moments ago. It seems impossible, and you'll have as much fun with their explanations for how you could have done it as you will with performing the effect!

You'll usually end up repeating it a few times which I find really helps because it becomes painfully clear that you really do just say the same things each time and cant be using any form of code to pass the identity of the card! It just helps to confuse them even more!

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