What question does he ask his wife Vuts our coupon for 1 draw a box around V U T and S then a box around R then a box around Q P O and N

What is her answer? Milk jugs. 1 draw a box around M, L, and K and then a box around J, I, II, and G. This is the Scandinavian spelling. (This often gets a laugh.) M, L. and K for milk; and J, I, H and G for jugs. This is the only hard part. M. 1. K... J. I. II. G.

X'hai were 'he milk jugs f'.>r? To feed the cute baby alligators. I draw a box around I-', E, and D and then C, H, and \.

Now let's all try together without looking up here. Z. Y. X. W. V...

Now- who thinks he or she can do it alone''

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The Art Of Cold Reading

The Art Of Cold Reading

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