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The performer asks several people to concentrate on words selected from different books. The performer is able to accurately determine every word by reading their thoughts.

Background and Philosophy

I love book tests! I am a founding member of the local chapter of BTBA (Book Test Buyers Anonymous). 1 have purchased and experimented with almost every book test iold m the last 20 years.

I normally use book rests to demonstrate telepathy or thought reading But most book tests have one disadvantage: books can be seen as props by audience members, and cause some people to become suspicious.

If you can tiuly read minds, why use books?

I don't have a complete answer for this question. I attempt to work around this t>sue by performing a demonstration that uses several books, uses different methods, contains humor, moves fast, and gets more impossible as it goes along.

To do this demonstration exactly as I perform it, you will need to purchase three commercial book tests:

The Ultimate Flashback .Set, by Larry Becker

Insight Book Test, by Keith f ields

Mother of AH Rook Tests, by Ted Karmilovich

Putting together a professional mentalism act normally icquues ail investment. in <j few props, in my corporate act, eighty-five percent of the cost can be attributed to these three fine book tests. I suspect most of the people reading this book already own one or more oflhem. (See 'Books and Supplies" for current ordering addresses. )

liach of these clever book tests could be used—by itself to present an entertaining demonstration of telepathic abilities! J have taken my favorite parts from each one to create a demonstration that tits my style of performing and the corporate audiences I work for.

To entertain a corporate audience, pace and presentation are critical.

• Verbal instructions need to be given slowlv and o v carefully, bach person must understand what be or she is to do. I'm dead in the water if people don't understand my instructions.

♦ On the oilier hand, I reveal the words quite quickly. Going too slowly will bore most of today's corporate audiences. The pace used by mentaiists in ihe 70s and 80s is just too slow.

• As 1 reveal the words. 1 try to display excitement and energy. Having real telepathic abilities is amazing!

I hope that reviewing this demonstration gives you an idea or two that you can use in youi next telepathy demonstration or book test.

Thanks again to Larry Becker, Keith Fields, and Ted Karmilovich fo; their permission to explain aspects of their book tcsls. Without these, I wouldn't have been able to include this demonstration in this buok.

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Friendly Persuasion

Friendly Persuasion

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