The person

Rick, first facta on what's coming from the audience. And (hen move your focus hack to the pad.

This nexl action is critical. 1 tap the center of the page with my hand. No one in the audience picks up on this gesture. Yet it brings the person's attention to the pcncil dots. I watch the person for a reaction 1 look for some signal that the person sees the dots. 1 often see a small smile.

Key point: Twenty percent of the people will start laughing when they see the pencil dots. As a mentalist, you must maintain control of the laughter to keep the method hidden, lo influence the person to cooperate with me. I gently grab the person's arm to get their attention and say the following.

Rick, stop laughing. This is saious ¿/usintss. relax and write down the first two-digit number that you see in your mind. (I may repeat the tapping gesture to prompt the person.)

Once 1 see the person tracing the pencil dots, the hard work is done. When the person finishes tracing the numbers. 1 take the pad, keeping the number hidden.

Who has the number? In a hud dear voice, will you tell everyone the nam her you were ttying to send, /'lease say (he number again. S3.

38 was pencil-dotted on the pad. I show the audience 38 on the pad.

Rick received 3#. Just vour luck, Rick, vou had a dyslexic sender.

This is a great line. And the audience is shinned that the person was this close.

One more chance left. Who has ¡he word.' Please concentrate on the one word that is written on the paper. Dtstimngcr discovered. 10 he successful at reading minds, a person needs the right roots, the right techniques, and reinforcement. Don't you ail agree that if Rick gets the word correct, he deserves a standing ovation? If Rick gets the word correct, will you ail agree to stand and applaud wildly to recognize his skills?

These words were chosen to keep/maintain the person's cooperation. If lie plays along, he is the star.

I hand the pad to the person, tearing off the page with the number. The person can see "Future" pencil-dotted.

Start rocking. The nicking helps, doesn't it? Concentrate and write do' -. i: the first ".ord that comes ¡0 your mind

When the person is done, I take the pad back, keeping the word hidden.

Who has the word? In a loud clear voice, will you tell us all the word you were /tying to send Rick? "1 inure? " ts the one word you were frying to send Rick "Future "> If this says "Future. " we all owe Rick a standing ovation, don't we? Well, everyone, on your fee! for Rick!

I show the pad 1 quickly pick up a certificate, give the certificate to the person and shake the person's hand. While people are applauding. 1 turn off my mike and whisper die following:

Rick it's important to keep our secret. The longer you keep the secret, (he more people will he amazed with your abilities. Please don'! lei I anyone. Can I count on you to keep our secret?

Again, this demonstration stuns people. For a number of years it was my closer.

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The Art Of Cold Reading

The Art Of Cold Reading

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