The correct answer and giving people more of the mne monie The more questions I ask the quicker the audience learns the mnemonic

What s the ex-warrior s name'? Zee why. What's this ex warriors hobby'? Raising cute baby alligators And since Zee. why is so old, he has a bad memory and bad eyesight. His wife has given him a coupon and asked him to go the store. But, because of his poor eyesight, he can t read the coupon in his hand.

What's the ex-warrior j name? Zeewhy. What s this ex warrior's hobby? Raising cute baity alligators. And since he can 't read the coupon Zeewhy asks his wife, "Vat's our coupon for?" What's the ex-warrior's name? Zeewhy What's- (his ex-warrior\ hohbv> Raising e ;■■'<_> alfign tors. What question does he ask his wife? " Vut's our coupon for? "

His wife answers. " Milk dugs, to feed the. cute baby alligators. " What (piesHon does Zeewhy ask his wife? "Fur's our coupon for? " What's her answer? "Milk jugs, to feed the cut< baby alligators. What 's the ex-warrior 's name? Zeewhy. What s (his ex-warrior s hobby ? Raking cute baby alligators.

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