Routine and Patter

I start this demonstration by using two or three standard psychological forces. After my final psychological force. I say the following.

Far the last pari of this demonstration. ! will transmit the name of a state to just one person. This may not work. The odds are fifty to one against it. 1 need 10 find someone who has been successful in the last few demonstrations. You look like an ideal person. My name is Chuck Hickok... and your name is... ?

I approach the woman whose name is on the cards regardless of her success in the previous psychological forces. If I noticed she was successful in the tests, 1 ask about her "successes." If she wasn't successful, I just proceed without saying anything.

Let's say the person's name was Molly. 1 invite Molly on stage, and position her on my right side.

Molly... what a nice name. / knew another Molly a long time ago. tt 'e wrote each other several limes when i ivy« in eighth guide. That wasn't you. was it?

Molly, to make this demonstration fair and interesting, and because vour name is Molly, ! will send you the name if ¡he slate where (hat odier Molly lived. All you need to do to he successful is\ and try to pick up my thoughts.

To make this a little easier, the state the other Molly lived in wasn / Hawaii or Alaska. Relax. Try to pick up the name of state I'm sending. Please concentrate like you did in the other tests. Did one of the states pop up in your mind? To see if we came close to connecting, tell me just the first letter of the state you picked up. What letter of the alphabet does the state you received from me begin with?

M. you picked up a state that begins with M' Who else picked up a state that begins with M?

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