Pre Show Work and Materials

The routine requires a llip chart stand with a solid back and a thp chart pad (34 inches by 27 inchcs). Most client can provide a flip chart stand if I mention it in my Confirmation Letter. I use ihc largest tip black marker (5''8-inclt tip) 1 can find to draw the grid (Avery Marks-A-Lot Series .'.'2415 at most office supply stores.)

Before the show. I draw the grid on the top page of the pad. I make the grid as large as possible. I turn the page â– with the grid over the top of Ihc stand, so the audicncc ini tially sees a blank page on the pad.

1 also use Iwo additional standard markers during the routine: dark blue and dark green. All three markers arc left on or by (he flip chart stand. I always bring my own markers. This ensures thai all the markers will have fresh ink. and will produce numbers that are bold and easy lo read.

Mv Opener: Linstem s Demise \ c

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