Pre Show Work

A few days before the show, 1 learn the name of a woman who w ill be at my show. 1 ask my host to identify a person who is a good spoi l and well liked. I emphasize that 1 need the name of someone who will definitely attend the event.

I prepare the decks before leaving for the show, using thai person's name.

I place two or three rubber bands around each deck :n keep the flasheards together. The rubber bands also prevent the person Irom examining die deck during the routine.

Before the show. I have my host point out the woman whose name is on the card.

I place Deck Right in my right inside coat pocket. 1 place Deck Left in my lell inside coal puckei. Or, when 1 work without a coat, I find two other logical places where i can place the decks that will be out of view of the audience. My goal is to have people remember that only one deck was used.

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