Pause 1 may repeat parts of my instructions While there is a date or year on each page it takes some people between three and ten seconds to see it When they find it I quickly reveal it

If it looks ake the person might not find the numbers quickly enough lor is confused), 1 switch to my backup. 1 use the infoimation hidden in die last three lines of text on each page. This happens about thirty percent of the time Some argue that this makes the demonstration appear more real.

Karen, forget about any numbers. There may not be any numbers on thai page. Let's go with what's printed. Quickly let your t.;mv and mind scan the page. Great- For some reasons, the text on the lower port of the page is coming ui clean-. Are you wearing bifocals f Focus on the last three or four lines on the page. Silently read the. hist three or four lines on the page.

Just relax as j ott read those last few lines. Karen, you haw a Jondness for animals, don't you':' Great, because who' came through to me the strongest its you v. civ looking at thai page was an image of some kind of animal. There is an animal mentioned in the last Jew lines of text, tsn 't there? Picture that animal in your mind. You don if really like this animal do you.' 1 didn't think so. because ! also picked up some tension or discomfort the more you thought about this animal Keep focusing on this antmal. It's a small am mal... von could hold it in one hand... but you wouldn't want to hold this animal, would you? You are thinking about afield mouse, aren't vou?

1 give the person a certificate, lake the book back, anil walk !o the center of the stage.

A jew weed's ago. someone come up to me and said.

'Chuck. J know how you do this. You just memorize what's on each line of each page of seven or eight books and pass those books out in the audience. " We'd, i don'(know if even Dun> linger could memorize every page of seven or eight books. In fact, in my case, my children tell their friends that their dad has a photographic memory... bui it's per mancntlv out of film. Hut to prove that this isn t being done by memorization, let's make this us fair as possible.

Ai lliis: point, the one person left standing is holding the Mother of Ail Book Tests. The next instructions are critical. The person must pick a word that has seven or more letters.

Hello, my name is Chuck llickok: your name is... ? Tom. please close the hook To make this demonstration affair as possible, in a few seconds I will ask you to open the book to any page... and pick any word. But. to increase our chances of being successful, don t pick a word with just five or six letters. The more letters in the word, the more letters you and I will have to work with... and the more impressive you will look. Open the hook anywhere and pick a good, long, interesting word

These carefully chosen words have worked for me for my last 200 shows.

Key Point: If the person starts searching for a word before hearing my full instructions, the odds of the person selecting a word wilh seven or more letters decrease. People can't do two things at once, listening to and understanding my instructions while looking for a word. 1 learned this lesson the luid way. When this hap pens. I politely ask I he person to close the book. Then, 1 tactfully repeat my instructions.

lorn, have you selected a good. long, interesting word? Great. To help thai word sink deeper into your mind, please silently repeat that word to yourself two or three times. Now silently \peli that word, letter by letter, in your mind.

1 look at the person and acr like I'm picking op each letter.

Excellent. I get the feeling you really picked an interesting word. I picked up at least seven letters. Your word has at least seven letters, am I correct? Great, now close the book and keep concentrating on the word you selected.

The person's response cells me the person has a word with seven or more letters Now I must discover the first letter of the word, l'he manuscript that comes with the Mother of AH Book Tests contains several proven techniques Co. luuninij ietier. Here is liic method I use...

Tom. I know you have a great mind. But, let's show these people what a great mind you have. Tom. I want you to concentrate on just the f irst letter of the word you selected and send that first letter telepathically to everyone in this room. AndI want each person to look at Tom and try to pick up the one letter Tom is concentrating on.

1 point to five to ten people in the audience.

What letter did you pick up? R. Ana you. what did you pick up? /.. And you? C. And you? Nothing? That happens some times. And yon? L again.

1 du this as quickly as possible.

Tom. to save time, let's see who read your mind correctly. What was the first letter of your word? T. . . how many people picked up a T? Not that many, it usually one out of 26. Thin group must be telepathically challenged. Witt everyone who had a T please stand up.

I pick up my pad, marker, and a few certificates. Tom. let's keep working with the people who read your mind. Tom. concentrate on the last letter of your word. I want each of you who correctly picked up the first letter to look at Tom and try to pick up the last letter of his word.

I know die word is 'Television." I write the first and last letter of the word as large as possible on die pad, leaving space between for the remaining letters. I don't let I he audience sec what I have written. I continue to work with each person standing.

What letter did you pick up? E. And von. what did you pick / A. What did you pick upY H.

1 give each pcnwii a chance to announce his or her letter

Tom. I don t think anyone got it correct, did they '.'

I show the audience what's written on my pad.

J picked up on A That 's what your word ends with, doesn t it? Keep concentrating on that word. I will < <>me back to you in a minute.

Now, 1 use an old gnu to create some time misdirection. 1 look lor a person who appears more reserv ed or introverted. If someone said "nothing" earlier when I asked people what letter they pickcd up (for the first letter of the word), 1 seicct that person.

I turn to the next page on my pnd. 1 write the word "know,"1 on my pad, and then point to this person.

What i wilt attempt to do next is one of the most difficult things I try. This may not work, if this doesn'(work, it will be my fault. I just wrote down a v.:ord on my pad. I'm attempting to send that word 10 you telepathic-ally. Again, if this doesn t work it s my fault. Do you have a clear, definite impression of the word I wrote down on my pad?

As 1 say the last sentence, 1 also try to communicate non-verbally with this person by moving my head slightly left and right 10 signal "No " 1 do this very subtly, and 85 percent of che time the person says, "No."

/ don i know ¡/ everyone in the audience could hear his answer, fa a calm, confident, and firm voice, this person said, "Know"... ¡he one word J was thinking of.

I quickly show the pad. I here is often solid laugher. I give this person a certificate.

When I miss (the person may say, "Wish," or any other word), 1 quickly ask a second person if they received a dear, definite idea of the word I wrote down. Sometimes, the longer I go, the funnier It gels when people eventually see •"Know" oil my pad. But my goal is to hit with Ihe first person.

More than half of the force words in the Mother of All Hook Tests are objects 1 can draw. Here is how I reveal "hose. (I ater I'll give my presentation for ihc other words.)

Tom. let 's get hack to work. Concentrate on the word you selected ft om the hook. Picture all the remaining letters of that word in your mind. (Pause.) Tom, you are a visual person aren't you? You enjoy watching good films, don't you? That .< what 1 thought, because I m having trouble

Mentafism. Incorpot (tied picking up the remaining fetters of your -.yard is the. word you selected something you could picture in you mind, like a hat or a hall or a car? Let s try to determ ine your w ord in o different way.

Forget the letters. Try to picture the word you selected in your mind. Visualize it as an object. That 's much better. .\'ow I m starling to get it. Keep picturing if.

I quickly turn back to the page with Ihe Iwo letters. 1 draw the object and then fill in the missing letters of the word.

Tom. visualizing the word really helped '¡ here are over 4U0 pages in that book, over 30.000 possible words in a loud, clear voice, (ell everyone the one word you selected to send me. "Television? " The word you fried to send me mind-to-mitid was... "Television. "

1 show the pad.

Tom. you have a great mind. too. Let s give lom a round of applause.

I give the person a certificate, collect the book, and return to the stage.

Note: If Ihe word selected from Mot he t of AH Book Tests can't be easily drawn, like "Illustration" or "Receptionist." I reveal the word alter asking the person to concentrate on the remaining letters.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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