Part Two Revealing the Forecast

To reveal the forecasts at the end of the show, I invite the person with the envelope to stand next to me on stage. 1 ask the person to remove the three smaller envelopes. I point out that one envelope deals with a word, one a design. and one a number.

Last >ught. f had a hunch about the design that w ould be selected today. It was sealed in the envelope since last night. Let 's take the design first. During (he show, someone, from the audience selected a design to send to Rick. Illto has (he design we tire w? Please stand and show the design to die entire audience, si star inside a circle

Ask the person to open the design envelope and show it to the audience.

1 handle the revelations of the number and word in a similar manner.

I remind people that they all saw me write down my hs.meh about the word at the start of my show.

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