Part One Handing out the Envelope

While people arc applauding at the end of "Einstein's I )emise," I remove the Way Ahead Envelope from my coat pocket. I tell the square root joke.

I had a hunch you would react thai vw.y. /.' must he !<>c in (he .fay for that kind of ¡'tumor. htj'uci, before I started today, I had some other hunches on hoy. yon would respond. ...

1 put the set of envelopes in my left (non-writing) hand. I hold ii between the thumb and index finger. I keep the llap side of the colored envelope toward my body. I make sure the top (long edge with flap) of the envelope is facing the right side of the suige. With my right hand, 1 remov.r Envelope I and Envelope 2 from the colored envelope.

... and I put those hunches in these two envelopes. After having the opportunity to work with you for a while. ! have one additional hunch, a word lhai will he selected by one of you.

I place Envelope I and bnvelope 2 between the third and Iburth finger of my Jell hand. Sec Picture 10. With my right hand. I remove bnvelope 3 from under the paperclip and place the envelope, Hap side up, on top of the Hap of the colored envelope I'm holding in my left hand. As 1 do -his I'm careful not to expose the writing on the Hap side of Lnvclope 3. I open the flap. I pull the cardboard about halfway out. Sec Picture 11.

Jr. fad, a ¡¡¡rie bit later, several people will select words from books. I'm writing down my htmch about a word ! suspect will be selected by one of these people. I could be wrong on this one.

Picture 10. Picture 1!.

Before removing Filling in numbers

Picture 10. Picture 1!.

Before removing Filling in numbers

I write the two numbers from ' Einstein's Demise" on the top line of the pre-written prediction. With my right hand. 1 place Envelope 3 on lop of Envelope I and Envelope 2. Again. I'm careful not to let people sec the writing on the flap >.ide of Envelope 3. Using my right hand, I place all three envelopes back into the colored envelope.

Later we will see if my hunches were correct. This docs > i ! alwcry< work. Would you please hold these for me? Thank you. And please don't look inside until I ask you.

I hand die colored envelope lu an audience member to hold.

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