I use three different methods to force the three outcomes I want.

The force of the mints and gum is my own creation. The breath mints and gum can be purchased nr any large drugstore. This force does not rely upon equivoque.

I discovered three packages of speannint breath mints or gum that have significantly different packaging ar.d appear to be different flavors. The Certs Spearmint mints are in a gold package. The Breath Savers Spearmint mints are in an all-white package. The Wriglcy's Spearmint gum is a ┬╗rccn Package. As 1 handle and mix the mints and gum. I miscall the flavors, indicating one package is winlcrgrcen. another spearmint, and the last peppermint. Truni two Icct away, people can easily see that the different colors and yet are unable lo read the flavors.

The postcard is forced by using a homemade stack of "Pop-eyed Popper" postcards. During my card magic days, I was always impressed with the fairness, simplicity, and deeeptiveness of a "Pop-eyed Popper" deck, My "Pop-eyed Popper" stack consists of sixteen pains of postcards, each pair consisting of a force postcard and an indifferent one. The picture side of each pair is an indifferent postcard, and the address side is the force postcard. The cards in each pair are held together by very small amounts of Michael Am mar's Magic Wax I prefer Amrnar's wax to roughing spray It creates a better bond. (See "Book and Supplies" for a source for the postcards.)

The I ine of newspaper text is forced by using the "Miller Clipper." crea'.ed by Roy Miller. (See "Books and Supplies/'} Roy supplies several copies of a newspaper article or. genuine newsprint that has the headline, byline, and first paragraph printed in a normal manner. The remaining six paragraphs of text are printed upside down.

This clever method of forcing a line of text has been a standard in magic for years. Hut the "Miller Clipper" makes everything seem fair, open, and natural. Another subtlety of the "Miller Clipper" allows you to do an additional telepathy demonstration if yon wish. However. 1 only use the "Miller Clipper"' to force a line of text.

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