There arc three different methods employed to create my forecasts.

1) Pro-Show: One forecast involves the design drawn during the prc-show activity. For example, I use the star inside the circle from the previous demonstration ("Anything C an Be Learned").

2) Word Force during the show: Another forecast comes from my telepathy demonstration ("Books Galore"). During the demonstration, a person writes down the first word on page 92 and holds onto it.

3) Something I discovered performing the Magic Square: The last forecast uses the two freely chosen numbers selected during my opener ("Einstein's Demise"). 1 rely upon two of a mentalist's best friends: multiple outs and, if necessary, a co-conspirator.'s examine both.

Multiple Outs: I noticed that if I ask a person, "f'lease give me a number between one and eight, " and then ask a second person, "Pleasegive me a different number between one and eight." seventy-live percent of the time one of the two will say seven,

In this case. I can configure the two selected digits to create one of these five numbers:

These five numbers are my multiple outs.

1 have five large white envelopes on one of my tables. Inside each envelope are three S'/?- by 11-inch pieces of white cardboard (identical to the cardboard used in "People Reading Plus").

One board has the design from the prc-show (circle with a star inside).

One board has the word from page 92 in Hook C ("difficult").

One board has one of the five numbers (37, 47: 57, 67, or 72).

On the outside of the envelope, I write a single digit (3. 4. 5, 6, or 7) to indicate the number inside.

But how do you ensure that you get a seven lrom one of the two people?

Co-conspirator: To make sure i get a seven, J just ask someone to help me. I approach a friendly, cooperative-looking person sitting near the front a few minutes before 1 start. 1 say. Hello, I'm Chuek Jlickok. I will he on stage in a Jew minutes. Will you help tnc have some fun? ! won f ask you to come on stage. All I may do is ask you for a number between one and eight. If I ask. you for a number between one and eight, just say seven. That's it. Just say seven if I ask you for a number between one and eight. Will you help me have some fun? (Again, the repetition is deliberate.)

Interestingly, 50 percent of the time 1 get a seven from the tlrst person, so I don't need my co-con^pirator. I then select anyone from the audience fot the second number.

What happens if the co-conspirator forgets, or decides to give you a number other than seven? It's never happened yet!

But what will I do when {not if) it happens? Or how can I do this demonstration without a eo conspirator or multiple outs? I prepare a special Way-Ahead ICnvelope that 1 created for these situations. This special envelope is described at. the end of this chapter. But for the tunc being, forget about this envelope and just keep reading.

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The Art Of Cold Reading

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