Each rime I perform this cffect, it costs about S4.00. The demonstration uses one set of Stale Flashcards that can't easily be reused.

l iie place where 1 purchase my sets of stale llashcards is www.Trcnd t. (I go 10 the Products page and type ill "Slate Flashcard" in the Keywordsearch box. 1 use hem Number T-23014.) I buy a dozen sels al a time. Performers outside the USA may be able to locate similar llashcards from firms selling school-teaching supplies in their parts of the world.

Xk'HhliiSM. Incorporated

Before ihe day of my .show, 1 must Jearo ihe fir<;t name of a woman who will be ai my performance.

Next I prepare the two decks used in this demonstration. Part of the melhud comes from using rwo decks, but the audience unlv sees one deck.

Names must be written on each flnshcard. Preparation time is 15 20 minutes.

Divide one deck of state cards alphabetically.

States that begin with A through M go into Stack 1. and states that begin with N through W go into Stack 2.

Write a different woman's name on the back (the side with the detailed printed inlbnnation) of each state llash-earti in .Slack I, except (he cards fot Hawaii and Alaska. (Example: Oil Arizona write Judy, on Alabama write Fran, on Minnesota write Betsy, etc.) Write the names lengthwise on the llashcard. Use a broad tip Magic Marker so the audience can sec the names when they are shown during the elfcct.

Next, write the same women's names (those written on Stack I) on the ilashcards in Stack 2. (Example: Judy. Fran, Betsy, etc.)

You will re-use these cards (Stack 1 and Slack 2) each time you perform the effect.

Divide a second deck of stale cards alphabetically.

States that begin with A through M go into Stack l< (for right side), and slates that begin with N tlirough W go into Slack L (lor left side).

Write the -elected female audience member's name on the back of each card in Stack R and Stack I, except the Hawaii and Alaska cards.

Shuffle each of these four stacks separately. Now create the Iwo face-up (picture side up) decks as follows:

Deck Left Deck Right l.Ibr states \ to W) (for states A to M)

Stack I Slack 2

Hawaii (bottom) Hawaii (bottom)

The I lawaii flasheards are used to hide the names written on Stack 1 and Stack 2.

The Alaska flasheards can he placed about twenty states from the bottom of Stack 1 and Stack 2 to remind you that you have only three or four flasheards left with different names.

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