Item 6 Learning the Almost Impossible Handout

K-npl« ofirn íi> y,mw anc cívclup liLvause Ihcv give up or. their own abilities. Ni'-V l.:sk> a:id <,icigl'.i:icn.s ..rr nulOiV-ilual y siwr 10O liillaaill lo i'.ia- .l 'I r.iiv.-c close: ihii Ihintuyou'.. y<;.i liusl it:-: helifvr you have iltr. capability tf change Then, acq-.i-rri; ihc yi>u w::nl nc.'inaliy rr-.olvti cxptAurc ki new kiKiwltxU;e i>r lindin« diorituix fTn? S.victs nl In- SuffissAi) anil then immcdialelv nnifliclnp »liai ><m hnvt Icarncif (liisk Tiiki;if)

Kidwut :»>'»i'<twfc- !rctivrnrp>acit:e, a pcrMin »ill forget »hat he or slit is Irving to kai u.

The iccivl hi sl-.oricit W iea/iimp. lo ay Iho alu-. hndcweid ¡»ctsaiins ii luiitiiiDnir ínicnioiy ai.l; \ rinCTiOilit is :• iox'uatmwi- ¡.•fíciuiin bcriiic soi iiiti lung d.;T:cu'.i

In viiy nlpli.ib.i (iiiL'k'.v.' miieim>nir I useir.vol.L-srcincir.nciiiiy.iVa.i ■ixncnoi» lllat |j;..le to O SUál:¿L-. ha-d-lo-torgc-lMíkj.'mX-tc i pic'iac i:i :ny ir.iivj

I Iit¿in hv ¡í-i-.or.i'.ú. j .iiii.::r:-d-yc3r-o!d. Vil.iry wnnioi :iuiti«I Zccv,h>. y'.f hobby .:• ir.i U:nm¡: cute aili/'ato": Zcol.y is hcinp Sir: :i< the -■■u »v.11. j u:.i:iin> liec i i.ik M lt«d hi: cut.- ba :y :;ll grn<M5-. Hciii.- a mr.d.'cd vests eld. he can b«ly vzt wniior on U:c coupnn he is holding... orre-iv.cui;:ci > l-.y he ii c'ii.i:ii ii i!ic i;orc Zccw.'ty n.-ks h:s wife, "Vul's our coupon mi?" si ¿¿yi."Mil. i.i'.v i ce: die culc ba'oy n'.ligaU::>"

To say ihe'.'.l : ia ."< I bnck-vaiU. lutr-iiir-bcrseniítiL-oí as you: nmcinonjp or: it-: Jii^n;.

Zcewhy Cn.:- i-\ »v,-n ioi (:rsbj. /. y, x. w .;Sour.i & i'-iixi letters} *'Vi t's ojí ci-uisun 'ibrVv- s.u.t, s, r, <| p, o. n (Sound)

Aiswerl 'M.:k ;i.j'.i; ■ m. I, k. j. i, Ii. (Spcllir.g ¿c Sound)

iu-. t i the) ícte Ixihy a I jatoji." L e. <1. r, b, n <Sjr-II'.ihi .Si Fit si Leitwa?

JfyOL bcv:r. n his i'lJi.-'c nieliir.' r. youi ii.m.. ar/j -.l-.eii nai.ivc sajir.g intKK fot. r scKCrti-es me yo.i e¿a Iran ;o sny Lie ,il¡;lialvi buciiward i i lirr -it-x: .1'. L* irir.iitfs.

Kc)' I'lMiit:'¡ 1 .Ii scjjlgc stL-ie li li raciv.o.iie; may Irtlpysiuquickly l«ii:li yausilf li'.b Vjnctll¡|-.¿>11:1 iii:in": ÍRi-.ialIy hclÁre:: vo l ccjld leaia... Aia'wtf-viirfnvirf.I' /iiyy.-.w /vii.'vr.v ."'■'iv.' ,v. Lii -kill v:il te lu-.l. i l:>prs?¡cc. 'A'.'/C tlx"alphabetbickwaiil ::r.a P.i-r-ti VK-; y. Mia::- ilx- p..-1-l! :i:u--.vher? you s.v ¡I cUy.i

Onet tiviv.-rvd. on!> otf.LsiotwI prncticc wil he rvrccssí.rv UMloíur.u'tJiln&'.lia'. iit'üTs :¡nd almos! mipoísible.

Ci.pyriglil Clntik Hickok. 20u2. All riglus rcvervrd. (SlHI) 677-SÍ37

Item 7: Certificate

Certificate Of Achievement

This will certify U> all persons that the bearer is an EXPERT TELEPATHIC COMMUNICATOR

and is entitled to all rights and privileges granted to such persons.

This person has demonstrated superior telepathic* ability and is licensed to practice telepathy in places and locations where minds await to he influenced.

Midwest Mindjwuling Uluvcrcity hy C" -\v< 1 Itckok. D.P.S St. Paul. Minn&ola Director of Applied Ke«tfeh

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