Item 2 Presentation Requirements

PKKSRNTATION RKQl.IREMEMS Chuck llickok Cordless I a valiere micro p h one Two small tables (each about 3 teet by ?■> feet) Flip chart stand (wilh a solid back) and pad of paper Pitcher of water and glass

I iie. lighting should be sufficient so that I can be seen oy Lie audience without a flood light 01 spot light.

If the audiencc size is over 100 people, an K' x 12' platform about 12'' inches off the floor may be necessary.

It is critical that I can walk into the audience, and that audience members can easily join me.

I will no: need a podium, and prefer a stage without a podium, or a podium tltat can be easily moved to the back of the stage when I begin.

jMental ism. Incorporated

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The Art Of Cold Reading

The Art Of Cold Reading

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