Item 1 Confirmation Letter

April 2IKI2

This Icllcr wiil summarize my uiKlt'.is'.iiiidinp conccrning my al you* event.


leb 16.201)2


AUm;8:l5 I'M


45 minuter


l*.mb, Suites. Airport


$X.\XX pl.i% navel cxpeiiy,^

Andicnec:! 9fl people... mostly Miles p^>pk


1 will cicnwiu>lruic ihc '1.mapped I'owuin of ihc

Human Mind,"

Please use this description in your pririk-J m.-iicnals: "Cnuck I liekok hu> ir,tvelcd the world. Iielp»ni\ people belln understand <ui<i uw ihc ur.-liippcil powers uf ihc human mind. You will ho surprised ¿me «mazed hy wlial you see and hear during ini> iiiikiiic enlertair.rneni cx|:cricricc."

Also ¡iII:h:Iici1 is my lntiv>duo:k?r.. ('lease 3iw!%e mii': lhat ihc peibon who iinroduv'cs iu<' n-«ds my Jr.lmdi.nuoi. mil loud <i lew lir.;-. he fore introducing inc.

("all with imv olltcr question* ur concerns. I am excited In help you make litis «;vuni a succ««»'


Chuck llickok


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Practical Mental Influence

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